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First South-East Asia SUMMER SCHOOL on Language, artificial
intelligence and computer science for natural language processing
applications (LAICS-NLP) Organized by a
STIC-Asia project, sponsored by the French Ministry of Foreign
affairs, the CNRS and the INRIA. Co-chairs: Prof. Asanee Kawtrakul and
Patrick Saint-Dizier.

Dates : October 16-22, 2006		Location: Thailand,
Bangkok, Kasetsart University
Contact: laics_nlp at

Main objectives:

The goal of this summer school is to present, in a short period of
time, the foundations and the most recent advances of the different
topics of interest to any language processing practitioner, targeted
towards application development.  The targeted audience are
Ph.D. students and researchers willing to update their knowledge of
the field. In terms of countries, the summer school is primarily
opened to all countries From Asia, in particular those in the sphere
of Asia, From India to Japan.

Courses and Workshop:

Besides courses, a 1 day workshop will be organized in the middle of
the school where groups or individuals attending will have the
opportunity (via peer review of abstracts) to present their work. The
objective is to enhance cooperation and to have a better view of
what's being done in Asia in computational Linguistics. Presentations
will be short, a volume of proceedings will be published. Call for
papers forthcoming.


Languages: courses will be taught in English. Examples and exercises
will be in English or in Asian languages for the purpose of
illustration, whenever appropriate, so that everyone can see the
benefits for their own language.

- Foundations of artificial intelligence for NLP (one day)

- Knowledge representation: ontologies and related aspects,

- Proof methods and AI-oriented languages,

- Machine Learning (bayesian nets, inductive logic, neural networks),

- Logic of interaction (beliefs, actions (frame problem, causality,
communication acts), cooperativity). (A)

· Foundations of Computational Linguistics (1.5 to two days)

- Computational morphology,

- The lexicon and its structure (argument structure,
subcategorization, thematic grids, selectional restrictions),

- Foundations of syntax and parsing (syntactic structures, dependency
grammars, parsing strategies, shallow parsing),

- Lexical semantics: semantic representations, lexical semantics
relations and their properties, frames and scripts, computing semantic

- Semantics of texts (temporal, rhetorical, plans, temporal and causal
chains, treatment of references, etc.),

- Language generation challenges.

- Resources and basic tools for NLP (1.5 to 2 days)

- Resources: WordNet, FrameNet, dedicated ontologies, lexicons.

- Statistical methods for Information Retrieval, hybrid approaches.

- Word Sense disambiguation, Named entity recognition, etc.

- Dealing with heterogeneous sources of data and the Web: indexing
methods, architectures, structure elicitation, query languages, the
semantic web.

- NLP applications, main challenges (two days): (2 parallel sessions)

- Question-Answering (basic QA, reasoning for QA, providing responses
with explanations, complex question processing),

- Machine Translation (Example-based, corpus-based, based on an

- Automatic summarization and classification methods

- Knowledge extraction.



WORKSHOP associated with the LAICS-NLP Summer School on Language,
Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science for Natural Language
19 October 2006, Kasetsart University,Bangkok

This workshop, associated with the LAICS-NLP Summer School is meant to
enhance interactions between participants so that they can present
their work and the projects ongoing in their laboratories.

The workshop will be structured in two parts:

v	Morning: Student session short paper presentations;
Paper must be authored by students, and approved by
their Supervisor(s). The three best papers will get a
free summer school registration!

v	Afternoon: Short presentations of research
activities by Faculty/Industry people.


All topics related to Language Engineering and also those topics
covered by the LAICS-NLP Summer School.


Participants are invited to submit two (2) pages abstract in PDF
outlining their work, paper must relate a technical work in language,
or language processing. Text must contain all details of authors
(name(s), full address, e-mail). Submissions must come from countries
in Asia.  No fee will be requested for the Workshop.  Nevertheless,
authors of the paper must be registered as participants to the
LAICS-NLP Summer School.

§	12 July 2006 (DEADLINE) - Submission of abstract (2
pages) to the Programme Chair via email
(ranaivo at and to stdizier at
§	15 August 2006 - Notification of
§	15 September 2006 (DEADLINE) - Submission of final
paper (4 pages) for publication in a proceeding
§	19 October 2006 - Workshop

The Programme Committee is composed of the STIC-Asia project Members:
Amgoud Leila (IRIT, France)
Asanee Kawtrakul (Univ. of Kasetsart, Thailand)
Benamara Farah  (IRIT, France)
Eli Murguia (IRIT, France)
Gardent Claire (LORIA, France)
Monojit Choudhury (IIT Kharagpur, India)
Poibeau Thierry (LIPN, France)
Ranaivo Bali (USM, Malaysia)
Saint-Dizier Patrick (IRIT, France)
Sudeshna Sarkar (IIT Kharagpur, India)
Tang Enya Kong (USM, Malaysia)
Thanaruk Theeramunkong (SIIT, Thailand)
Virach Sornlertlamvanich (TCL, Thailand) 

Before 8 July 2006 and after 27 July 2006	Between 8
July 2006 - 27 July 2006
Dr. Ranaivo Bali	Patrick Saint-Dizier
Email: ranaivo at	stdizier at
Tel.: ++60 (0)4 6533888 ext. 4386 	
Fax: ++60 (0)4 6563244	

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