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2nd Call for Papers
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                                 Workshop on
                           Constraints in Discourse

This is the second in a series of workshops entitled "Constraints in

For a many years, the development of precise frameworks of discourse
interpretation has been hampered by the lack of a deeper understanding
of the dependencies between different discourse units. The past 15
years have seen a considerable advance in this field. A number of
strong constraints have been proposed that restrict the sequencing and
attaching of segments at various descriptive levels, as well as the
interpretation of their interrelations. Last year's workshop CID2005
in Dortmund revealed a number of issues that still have to be
clarified and worked upon. Most relevant topics turned out to be:

- the necessity to have a look at intonation and discourse structure
  more closely;
- the question of formal properties of discourse structure (tree-like
  or graph-like etc.);
- the question of (psychological, social or linguistic) reality of
- the interface between utterance-level and discourse-level analysis;
- and the empirical foundation and availability of corpus
  annotation of constraints.

The goal of this series of workshops is to provide a forum for
presenting recent research on constraints in discourse. The target
areas include the recognition of discourse structure as well as the
interpretation and generation of discourse in a broad variety of
domains. The workshop offers a forum for researchers from diverse
formal approaches, including but not limited to:
- Rhetorical Structure Theory (RST)
- Segmented Discourse Representation Theory (SDRT)
- Tree Adjoining Grammars
- Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG)
- The QUD Modell
- Plan Based Reasoning
- Abductive Reasoning
- Gricean Pragmatics
- Speech Act Theory

We invite talks that further our theoretical understanding of
the role of constraints in discourse, as well as empirical studies
that shed light on their empirical validity. The conference is explicitly
intended for discussion and comparison of theoretical
accounts that lay the ground for applications. It is not intended as a
platform for system demonstrations. Specific topics might relate to
 - Anaphora Resolution
 - Co-reference
 - Dialogical vs. Monological Discourse
 - Questions and Answers
 - Lexicon and Discourse Relations
 - Cognitive Modeling
 - Underspecification and Nonmonotonic Inferences

The organisers are planning to publish a selection of the results of
the workshop either as a special issue of a journal or as a book.

Publication (and workshop) language is English

The workshop is endorsed by SIGdial, the Special Interest Group on
Discourse and Dialogue, and SIGsem, the Special Interest Group on
Semantics, of ACL.

Invited Speakers
Barbara Kaup, Technical University Berlin
Alex Lascarides, University of Edinburgh
Jerry Hobbs, University of Southern California
Candace Sidner, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs

Paper Submission
Researchers interested in contributing a paper to the workshop are
invited to submit an abstract that spans not more than 3 pages in PDF or PS
(single column, 10pt font size, a4 paper, including a bibliography)
using the form at the workshop website
( Reviews will be done
blindly; the abstracts may accordingly not include explicit hints that
allow the identification of the authors (such as "in paper (...) we
show that").

Important Dates
Deadline for Submissions: 1 May, 2006
Notification of Acceptance: 1 June, 2006
Final Abstracts due: 22 June, 2006
Conference: 7-9 July, 2006

Program Committee
Anton Benz, University of Southern Denmark, Kolding
Markus Egg, Rijksuniversiteit. Groningen, Netherlands
John Harpur, National University of Ireland, Maynooth
Jerry Hobbs, University of Southern California
Peter Kuehnlein, University of Bielefeld, Germany
Alex Lascarides, University of Edinburgh, UK
Barbara Kaup, Technical University Berlin, Germany
Gisela Redeker, Rijksuniversiteit, Groningen, Netherlands
Ivan Sag, Stanford University, USA
Candace Sidner, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs, USA

Organisation Committee:
Candace Sidner, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs, USA (Chair)
Anton Benz, University of Southern Denmark, Kolding
John Harpur, National University of Ireland, Maynooth
Peter Kuehnlein, University of Bielefeld, Germany

Local Organisation:
John Harpur, National University of Ireland, Maynooth

The workshop will take place from 7-9 July, 2006. It will be hosted by
the National University of Ireland, Maynooth (NUIM). Maynooth is
situated 15 miles from Dublin in the heart of the Kildare countryside,
and is well served by motorway, rail and bus links. County Kildare is
on Dublin's doorstep and is in close proximity to Dublin Airport and
Seaport as well as Dun Laoghaire Harbour. It is also only a couple of
hours drive from most parts of Ireland.

Fees (including coffee breaks and lunch) are

Participants from Academia:      EUR 100
Participants from commercial enterprises: EUR 200

"To face an event and solve it lightly is difficult if you are not
 resolved beforehand, and there will always be uncertainty in hitting
 your mark."

Upcoming events:

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