Job: Post Doc position at INRIA, Rocquencourt, France

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Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 10:39:18 +0100
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Post Doc position at INRIA, Rocquencourt, France.

INRIA is offering a one year position for a post doc in its lab
located at Rocquencourt (see Candidates may
apply till March 31st 2006.

Title : Exploitation of high level syntactic models


INRIA team ATOLL develops theoretical approaches validated by software
for parsing human languages (including French). In particular, we rely
on our DyALog system, which allows the construction of parsers for
various grammatical formalisms, including Tree Adjoining Grammars
(TAGs). DyALog implements theoretical results issued from our works on
several extensions of Push-Down Automata (PDA).

The first objective of this proposal is to complete the compilation
phase in DyALog to integrate recent results for Thread Automata. These
automata generalize all the kinds of automata currently covered by
DyALog, hence suggesting a more uniform processing of all the
grammatical formalisms known to DyALog. These automata also open the
way for Mildly Context Sensitive formalisms, a large and
linguistically motivated class of formalisms that, in particular,
includes local Multi-Component TAGs (MC-TAGs) .

Once done the integration of Thread Automata within DyALog, the second
objective is the exploration of MC-TAGs, in relation with the notion
of meta-grammars. Meta-grammars provide an abstract level of syntactic
description to be followed by a phase of expansion towards target
formalisms like TAGs, and, in the future, MC-TAGs. The use of
meta-grammars aims to to facilitate the development of grammars for
new formalisms. We already have a French meta-grammar FRMG whose TAG
expansion has been tested at large scale and that ensures a good
linguistic coverage. However, the evolution of FRMG is currently
hindered by the limitations of TAGs, motivating the switch to MC-TAGs
through the meta-grammar level.

This proposal on meta-grammars and syntactic formalisms like MC-TAGs
takes place within the ARC MOSAIQUE that aims to see the emergence of
a high level syntactic description for French, to be then exploited by
various target formalisms.

           with keywords thread, DyALog, metagrammar
    demo FRMG and DyALog:

Work Program :

The proposal includes two main phases. The first one is the extension
of DyALog system, written in DyALog using a Prolog like syntax, to
handle Thread Automata. The second phase is the exploitation of the
new functionalities provided by Thread Automata, through the adaption
of our meta-grammar FRMG and of its compiler (also written in DyALog)
in order to get a MC-TAG expansion.


Competences in parsing for NLP (algorithmics, techniques, formalisms).
Good practice of a Logic Programming language, like Prolog.
Familiarity with Linux environments.

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