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In the emerging knowledge society and in pace with fast-growing
globalization more and more companies, organizations and language
communities face the need for an active, systematic and coherent
treatment of terminology.

For many language communities or governments there is a need to
counter domain loss (the use of English in preference to the main
language of the community in science and technology) generally or
concerning specific subject fields, to support language preservation
activities for minority languages or to overcome the digital divide
and foster scientific-technological and economic development in
developing communities.

Companies often need to timely adress problems and special legal
implications regarding product declaration, description and technical
documentation, e-business issues such as product classification and
interoperability but also marketing and corporate identity issues in
connection with the consistent use of terminology as well as costs
caused by miscommunication through the use of inconsistent

Within the framework of the Terminology Week (13-17 Nov.2006, Belgium)
TermNet in cooperation with Lessius Hogeschool will organize a
workshop on this topic directed towards terminologists,
decision-makers and language professionals in organizations.

This workshop is presented by Infoterm, pioneer in the field of 
terminology policies.

* Workshop on Terminology Policies *
* 15 November 2006, Antwerp (Lessius University College) *

In this workshop reasons for developing a terminology policy and
introducing methods & principles in terminology planning will be
discussed. Participants will learn from practical case studies and
develop themselves steps and methods suitable for institutions and
enterprises that are planning to invest in the formulation and
implementation of a terminology policy. This workshop will provide
sound guidance to achieve that goal.

On completion, participants will have a clear understanding of

    * the objectives and types of terminology policies,
    * the policy formulation and implementation process,
    * factors that facilitate of or hamper the implementation of a
      policy and ways how to use or overcome them

They will be able to apply the terminology policy approach to
formulate a customized terminology policy.

Fees:                   participation is 150 EUR (100 EUR for students). 
Number of participants are strictly limited, please register early.


Registration:   Karen Foelen: karen.foelen at
Workshop Information: Anja Drame: adrame at

We hope to see you there!

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