Journees: Robert Dilts & Stephen Gilligan, January 25-27, 2007, Holland

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Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan
The Hero´s Journey and The Generative Self

This major NLP event will take place in Nijmegen, Holland on January
25-27, 2007
Sponsored by IEP (Holland´s leading NLP Institute since 1984)

Two great trainers

Two great minds in NLP and Ericksonian hypnotherapy meet for this
workshop. Robert Dilts is one of the worlds most renown and creative
NLP developers. He developed many of the models and techniques taught
in NLP Master courses all over the world today. Stephen Gilligan is
the famous Ericksonian therapist and trainer who developed the
`Generative Self´ model, a next evolutionary step in Ericksonian
hypnotherapy. To see them collaborate is a unique opportunity and a
special, inspiring experience.

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Hero with a thousand faces

Robert and Stephens theme for this year is `The Hero´s journey´, a
blueprint for personal transformation that has been handed down
through the centuries. In 'The Hero with a Thousand Faces' mythologist
Joseph Campbell describes a great myth found in many different forms
in just about every culture across time. This is the recurring myth of
the person who is called on a ``hero´s journey´´ to transform their
life and bring a gift into the community. The phases in this myth -
the basic process of transformation -  is always the same, even when
individual expressions differ. The myth has three stages: the
innocence of the garden, the exile and trials of the desert, and the
call to return into the community with a new self. In this workshop
this myth will be used as a model for developing a Generative Self
that is capable of deep inner happiness and significant external

Myth, NLP and trance

Robert and Stephen demonstrate how personal problems and symptoms can
be a threshold behind which a positive personal transformation is
waiting. At certain moments in our lives, we feel a pull or a push
that seems to `call us´. A problem or a symptom may function as such a
calling, but more pleasant experiences may function as callings as
well.  If we listen to this calling, we take the first step in a
journey of learning and development where we will inevitably encounter
obstacles and tribulations. Confronting these `dragons´, forces us, as
it were, to develop in new directions. We cross a threshold where we
leave our customary comfort zone. This workshop helps you - and those
you coach - to find your inner dragons and confront them under the
guidance of your inner mentors and protectors. To this age old
mythological path, Robert Dilts adds the innovative modern dimension
of `Third Generation NLP´ while Stephen Gilligan will of course add
the concepts and techniques of his Generative Self model. In the
tradition of the great hypnotherapist Milton Erickson, you will
discover how to recognise problems and symptoms as ``thresholds´´ into
new identities, and how to sense and utilise resources to further the
hero´s journey.

Practical specifics
Date: January 25, 26 and 27, 2007
Workhop cost: Euro 700,-- including coffee, tea, hand outs and lunch
Euro 700,-- = USD 880,-- or GBP 475,-- 
Registration: Registration form:
Location: Nijmegen, Holland 
Sponsor: IEP, Holland, website:

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