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The workshop will be held on 19th August from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm 
at the Brisbane Convention Center, Brisbane, Australia
in conjunction with the triennial congress MEDinfo

Call for contributions to participate to the MEDinfo 2007 Workshop

Models of trust for health websites

Organised by 
Health on the Net Foundation (, Geneva 14, Switzerland
Service of Medical Informatics, Geneva University Hospitals, Switzerland

Célia Boyer, Natalia Grabar, Arnaud Gaudinat, Antoine Geissbühler


Nowadays, one of the major concerns in the field of medicine is
patient safety, which can be addressed through various fields of
medical activity, such as organization and analysis of clinical
trials, public care, prescription and medicine compatibility, medical
imaging, patient information and education. This workshop is devoted
to the management of health information for the general public that
can be found on the web, i.e. the management of health
websites. Following the recent development of the web, the situation
in the medical arena is evolving, particularly since the content
proposed by such websites can have a direct impact on the user's
well-being. Indeed, millions of documents are available on the web,
and users are often overwhelmed by the mass of information. Moreover,
the quality of information is uneven - a fact sometimes ignored by
users. In this context, content reliability must be controlled in
order to help users to efficiently access information that is most
valuable to them. The objective of this workshop is to address
different aspects related to the problem of controlling the
reliability of health websites.

- Initiatives aimed at evaluating the reliability of health websites:
  ie., referencing, accreditation, popularity, self-regulation,
  collaboration in the analysis and comparison of health websites.

- Ways and means of rendering the control and evaluation visible and
  available to users: labels, seals, portals, P3P protocol and tools,

- Criteria to determine the quality of health websites: transparency
  of information and information providers, document readability,
  traceability of content, quality of medical content, privacy, etc.

- Automation of quality assessment given the growing number of health

- Manual versus automatic quality assessment: advantages and

- Solutions for dealing with the constantly changing content of health

- Qualifications and capabilities of persons assessing the content
  reliability of health websites.

- Free versus lucrative solutions for the control of health website

- Promoting the visibility of high quality health websites.

- Multilingual issues of the reliability of health websites.

MeSH Keywords: Medical Informatics [L01.700], Automatic Data
Processing [L01.224.085], Artificial Intelligence [L01.224.065],
Ethics [K01.316], Public Health [G03.850]

Duration: Half-day workshop

Intended audience level: Intermediate and advanced

Presentation format: Presentations are slide-based. Demonstrations can
be proposed.

Learning Objectives: The objective of this workshop is to gather and
compare existing work on the quality control of websites. The workshop
aims at arising important issues.

Classification: Research and practice-oriented

Submission format: 5 pages with Medinfo 2007 format, submitted as word
and pdf files
Questions and Submissions must be sent to the following email address:
trustcase-medinfo2007 at

Important dates
15/05/2007: Deadline for paper submission
15/06/2007: Notifications of reviewers
15/07/2007: Deadline for camera-ready versions

Program Committee
Célia Boyer, HON, Geneva, Switzerland
Enrico Coiera (tbc), UNSW, Sydney, Australia
Stefan Darmoni, CHU Rouen, Rouen, France
Marius Fieschi, LERTIM, Marseille, France
Brian R. Haynes (tbc), DeGroot Med School, Hamilton, Canada
Marie-Christine Jaulent, Inserm, Paris, France
Michel Joubert, LERTIM, Marseille, France
Arnaud Gaudinat, HON, Geneva, Switzerland
Antoine Geissbühler, SIM, Geneva, Switzerland
Natalia Grabar, HON, Geneva, Switzerland
Alexa T. McCray (tbc), Harvard Med School, Boston, USA
Randolph A. Miller (tbc), VUMC, Vanderbilt, USA

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