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RIAO 2007  8th Conference
May 30 to June 1, 2007, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Large-Scale Semantic Access to Content

Call for Applications
Deadline: march 16 2007

The RIAO conferences are meeting places for scientific and industrial
specialists in information retrieval. There are sites for
presentations of both high-level peer-reviewed scientific research and
prototypes and of innovative products, selected by a special call for
products. A global call for products is sent at the same time that the
call for papers. The products presented are chosen uniquely on the
basis of their innovativeness.  The "Centre de Hautes Études
Internationales d'Informatique Documentaire" (C.I.D.) organizes the
RIAO conferences every three years since 1985. RIAO stands for
"Recherche d'Information Assistée par Ordinateur".
RIAO conferences have two selection committees: a Program Committee
for scientific papers, and an Applications Committee which seeks out
and selects those innovative products for the conference.  The RIAO
conferences are not trade shows since the teams presenting innovative
products are selected and do not pay for the place and time that they
are given during the conference.
Companies whose product fulfills the criteria of novelty and of
innovativeness can fill in a dossier designed by the conference
organizers that describes their submitted product.
In addition to the dossier, product submitters will have to provide
access to an online or CD version of the product that demonstrates the
claimed innovative functionalities of the product. Applications
Committee members will verify the functionalities of the product.
After examination of the dossier and the demonstration of each
product, the Application Committee members select the best products.
Each chosen company will be provided with a demonstration space
(including table and chair) free of charge. The space is near the
amphitheatre in which the scientific papers are presented.
Each company may also be given a special time slot (15 minutes) to
give a short presentation about the product.
In addition, innovative products chosen for RIAO 2007 will be able to
present their financial prospects to technology financing specialists
(venture capital, private equity) that will be specifically invited
for these presentations.

The general topic of the Call for Applications is:


Among other topics concerning the theme of the conference, the
submissions might concern one or more of the following subjects:

- Automatic indexing of video, images, and speech
- Improved indexing of text, image, video and sound
- Ontologies and unstructured data
- Semantic Web and Ontologies for Full-Scale Information Retrieval
- Automatically producing textual descriptions of images
- Automatically adding metadata to video and sound
- Indexing and retrieval of mixed-media documents
- Indexing interactive documents
- Natural interface dialogue
- Multimedia question answering systems
- Competitive Intelligence
- Intelligent Search Agents
- Multimodal search
- Architectures for semantic treatment of very large databases
- Algorithms for semantic treatment of very large databases
- Comprehension-based question answering and summarization
- Cooperative indexing between media
- Semantics for less studied languages
- Semantic representations and standards
- Collaborative construction of semantic resources
- Indexing multilingual collections
- Automatic extraction of ontologies from unstructured data
- Aligning multilingual ontologies
- Language resources for multimedia indexing
- Extracting semantic resources from raw data
- Semantic annotation of blogs and videoblogs
- Exploiting large-scale resources for e-learning
- Structuring cultural heritage
- Technological, commercial, industrial watch systems
- Semantic access to large and open archives

Descriptions of the products demonstrated during RIAO 2007 will be
published in the proceedings.

Proposals of products will be sent on the web site of the conference

Important dates:
Submission: march 16, 2007
Notification of acceptance: april 10, 2007
Conference: May 30 to June 1, 2007 - Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Program Chair
          Frédéric Le Roux (France)
          Josiane Mothe (France)

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