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" The government and companies deny that the project will have
far-reaching impacts.
Other major Amazonian rivers, such as the Araguaia and Trombetas, are
also slated for damming. The society must exhaustively discuss it to
choose the best way.

Brazilians are used to systems that fail, so when the system fails, they
just take it in stride. However, we have  "Shallow Journalism" too and
it is more subtle than the Yellow journalism and there are plenty of
journalists who fall into this category. A rule of thumb: pay attention
to Brazilian signage at your peril. In our state it works and I am proud
of it. It makes a cynic wonder whether the press is nothing more than a
tool to be carefully and cleaverly controlled. Home, family, friends and
close colleagues define the sphere of educated, respectful, considerate,
polite, amicable, in a word "personal" relations. The rice was
transported by boat in the Ribeira de Iguape River to the port of Iguape
and then shipped to the markets.

Brazil - Brazzil Magazine - With a Reality Like Ours Who Needs Yellow
Journalism in Brazil?

After this trip, Burton decided to become a successful miner, made a
request and obtained the mining permission by means of imperial decree
nr. Some zinc ore was also produced, but its concentrate was sold to
companies outside the Ribeira Valley. Hyperattentiveness always follows
with poor sleep. Some even get elected or reelected for public office.
Take care of yourself in SP.

I was amazed to hear their opinions, because my experience was very
similar to theirs.

Signs for key routes within the maze of city streets are located before
the turn, after the turn, or nowhere near the turn. It is remarked that
also dolomitic limestone and dolomites are mined in some of these
quarries. It is one of the most important speleological provinces of
Brazil and its very complex karst systems were only partially studied.
The assurity with wich hydro electric proponents speak is almost
ludicrous. Why not explore it, for a change, as the central theme of the
Take care of yourself in SP. Brazil Has Now World's Largest and Longest
River Brazilian scientists claim to have established as a scientific
fact that the Amazon is the longest river in the world. It was a hefty
scandal, but no mechanisms were ever created to amend the so-called
budgetary process.
Studies have shown that when the dams begin operation, the upstream
Jirau reservoir would fill up with sediments, extending the flooded area
into rainforests in neighboring Bolivia.
The ensemble is cut by Mesozoic diabase dikes oriented to Northwest.
They all think they're the world's best drivers too. Cattle and buffalo
breeding are growing activities in the lower Ribeira Valley, but are
still not that representative in the regional economy.

They are only wasting federal money. - Have SP and Rio favelas, either
downtown or favelas    more trees than Hong Kong ? has just examined the
Brazilian market and the factors influencing the growth the economy is
Brazil's Money and Stock Market Have Become the Planet's Strongest
Martin Weiss, author of the investment newsletter Money and Markets.
"Only a few people are arrested when they illegally deforest with fires,
few are arrested for the illegal logging of trees. Brazilians look to
powerful individuals for favors rather than trusting that their merit
will be recognized by "the system.

Translated by Tereza Braga.

Did the Federal Police add any evidence to what was submitted at the
start of each scandal?

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