NATO ASI on Mining Massive Data Sets for Security - Deadline Extension

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    to:  June 24, 2007, 24:00 Central European Time 

   NATO Advanced Study Institute on Mining Massive Data Sets for Security

   September 10 - 21, 2007
   Villa Cagnola - Gazzada - Italy

   This  2-week Workshop brings together scientists and engineers
   interested in recent developments in exploiting Massive Data Sets.
   Emphasis is placed on available techniques for dealing with Very Large
   Data Sets, Social Networks and Web2.0 applications, Relational Data.
   The Workshop is sponsored by the PASCAL Network of Excellence


   Limited funding is available for participants, see the Workshop web

   This workshop is intended as a forum for discussion and participants
   are required to attend for the whole duration of the workshop.

   The official deadline is June 15 2007, but application will be
   considered in the limit of available places until June 27.


   Today our world is awash in data and we live in an Information
   Society   where every action leaves a trace, generating massive
   amounts of data.

   Recent scientific developments provide technologies to exploit these
   huge amounts of data and extract from it critical information. Used
   today in many commercial applications (marketing campaigns, user
   profiling and recommendations on e-commerce sites, web search, users
   communities ...), these technologies can also be used for
   security-critical applications (fraud detection and money laundering,
   intrusions detection, intelligence gathering, terrorist networks,
   detection, Web surveillance...).

   It is the purpose of this workshop to review the various technologies
   available (data mining, social networks, search engines, crawling
   and   indexing, text-mining, data streams) in the context of   very
   large data sets.

   The workshop will provide survey presentations , oral presentations  &
   posters to help   building a scientific community aware of security
   issues and techniques   to solve them.


    - R. Baeza-Yates, Yahoo! Barcelona
    - A-L. Barabasi, Univ. Notre Dame - USA (#)
    - C. Best, IPSC - JRC - Italy
    - L. Bottou, NEC - USA
    - R. Feldman, Bar Ilan Univ. - Israel
    - F. Fogelman-Soulié, Kxen - France
    - P. Gallinari, Univ. Paris 6 - France
    - L. Giles, Pennsylvania State University - USA
    - I. Guyon, Clopinet - USA
    - D. Hand, Imperial College, UK
    - G. Hébrail, ENST & EDF - France
    - B. Huberman, HP Labs
    - J. Kleinberg, Cornell University, USA (#)
    - N. Tishby, Hebrew Univ. - Israel
    - V. Vapnik, Columbia Univ. - USA

   (#)to be confirmed


   Clive Best, JRC -   IT
   Françoise Fogelman-Soulié, Kxen - FR
   Patrick Gallinari, Université Paris 6 - FR
   Naftali Tishby, Hebrew University - IL

   Important Dates

   Deadline for submission of application form:     June 24, 2007 (extended)
   Notification of acceptance:       June 30, 2007
   Deadline for Accommodation form  :     July 1, 2007
   NATO ASI MMDSS:     September 10-21, 2007

   Send your Application Submission to mmdss at

   For all information, see

   Contact Us

   If you require any help, send your queries to mmdss at

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