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Dear Friend,
This is  wishing you a wonderful day.
Before I proceed, I must apologize for this unsolicited mail to you. I am aware that this is certainly an unconventional approach to ask for an individual's personal assistance, but you will realize the need for my action. I got your  Contact While on a private research on the internet for a  person who  will be willing to involve  with me in a lucrative deal.

I am Mrs.  Unya   Grant., a senior staff of  Sommerset  Corporation in the United Kingdom.  I am writing to seek your co-operation to execute an urgent supply of chromium d-mixer to a reputable firm that needs it.   To clarify you more on the procedure of this business, it  is purely a purchasing and supply deal. It does not matter if it's your line of business or not.
I have a buyer who wants chromium d-mixer at the rate of $480 per gram. The good thing here  is  that  i also know a seller/supplier who's a business associate of my boss who can sell this material at the rate of $315- $320 per gram. The buyer wants a very large quantity.

However, since i don't have the money to purchase this myself and i don't want my boss to know about this deal because i want to quickly make self profit while he's on holiday out of united kingdom, i am therefore  asking to know if you are capable of purchasing this so that we can sell it to the buyer and the profit shall be shared at 65% for you and 35% for me.
If you are willing and capable of this, tell me so i shall send you the contact information of the supplier whom i know is in Jakarta Indonesia.

You shall call him to know the availability of the material and his current price. Then we shall schedule for the buyer to arrive in Dubai to pay and collect the material.

Remember, on no account must the buyer come in contact with the supplier else, he will double cross us and buy direct. Again, seller must not know am the one who gave you his contact else he will alert my boss.

Get back  to me asa-p  if you would kindly want to do this with me.  Reach me with the bellow email  address. I will subsequently  furnish you with  my other contact information  including fax and phone numbers,I will wait to hear from you

Best   Regards,

Mrs.  Unya  Grant.
Email:mrsunyagranty at

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