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Second Call for Papers

International Conference RANLP-2007
September 27-29, 2007
Borovets, Bulgaria 

Supported by the European Commission through project BIS-21++, INCO
grant 016639/2005

Further to the successful and highly competitive 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
and 5th conferences 'Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing'
(RANLP), we are pleased to announce the 6th RANLP conference to be
held in September 2007.

The conference will take the form of addresses from invited keynote
speakers plus presentations of peer-reviewed individual papers. All
accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. In
addition, volumes of RANLP selected papers are traditionally published
by John Benjamins Publishing Company (Amsterdam & Philadelphia). There
will also be an exhibition area for poster and demo sessions.

The conference will be preceded by tutorials (23-25 Sep 2007) and
workshops (26 and 30 Sep 2007).


We invite papers reporting on recent advances in all aspects of
Natural Language Processing (NLP). We encourage the representation of
a broad range of areas including but not limited to: pragmatics,
discourse, semantics, syntax, and the lexicon; phonetics, phonology,
and morphology; mathematical models and complexity; text understanding
and generation; multilingual NLP; machine translation, statistical
machine translation, machine-aided translation, translation memory
systems, translation aids and tools; text data mining; corpus-based
language processing; POS tagging; phrase identification; finite state
methods; efficiency of processing; parsing; grammatical frameworks;
electronic dictionaries; knowledge acquisition; terminology; term
recognition; term extraction; word-sense disambiguation; information
retrieval; cross-language information retrieval; information
extraction; named entity and mention detection; anaphora resolution;
coreference; relation extraction; unsupervised methods; text
summarization; text categorization; language indentification; author
identification; gender prediction; spam filtering; topic detection and
tracking; question answering; ontologies and reasoning; textual
entailment; sentiment analysis; opinion identification; influencer
analysis; nlp and graph methods; clustering; visualisation; speech
processing; dialogue systems; multimedia systems; nlp-enhanced visual
concept detection; nlp and interactive visual environments (computer
games); unstructured knowledge management; computer-aided language
learning; nlp and collaboration environments; language resources;
evaluation; and theoretical and application-oriented papers related to
NLP of every kind.


- Lauri Karttunen (Palo Alto Research Center and Stanford University)
- Ellen Riloff (University of Utah)
- Karin Verspoor (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
- Yorick Wilks (University of Sheffield)


Ruslan Mitkov (University of Wolverhampton)


Galia Angelova (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)


- Eneko Agirre (Basque Country University)
- Elisabeth Andre (University of Augsburg)
- Galia Angelova (BAS, Sofia)
- Kalina Bontcheva (Sheffield University)
- Sylviane Cardey	(University of FrancheComte)
- Hamish Cunningham (Sheffield University)
- Robert Dale (Macquarie University)
- Gael Dias (University of Beira Interior, Covilha)
- Alexander Gelbukh (Nat. Polytechnic Inst., Mexico)
- Catalina Hallett (Open University)
- Erhard Hinrichs	(Eberhard Karls Universitat Tubingen)
- Lauri Karttunen (Palo Alto Research Center and Stanford University)
- Dimitar Kazakov (University of York)
- Alma Kharrat (Microsoft Natural Language Group)
- Sandra Kuebler (University of Tubingen)
- Mirella Lapata (University of Edinburgh)
- Shalom Lappin (King's College, London)
- Bernardo Magnini (TTC, ITC-irst, Trento)
- Montserrat Maritxalar Anglada (Universidad del Pais Vasco)
- Patricio Martinez Barco (University of Alicante)
- Carlos Martin-Vide (Univ. Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona)
- Andrei Mikheev (University of Edinburgh)
- Andres Montoyo (University of Alicante)
- Rafael Munoz Guillena (University of Alicante)
- Roberto Navigli (Universita di Roma La Sapienza)
- Nicolas Nicolov (Umbria Inc.) 
- Michael Oakes (University of Sunderland)
- Kemal Oflazer (Sabanci University, Istanbul) 
- Constantin Orasan (University of Wolverhampton)
- Manuel Palomar (University of Alicante)
- Viktor Pekar (Univ of Wolverhampton)
- Stelios Piperidis (ILSP Athens)
- Oana Postolache (ISI, University of Southern California)
- Ellen Riloff (University of Utah)
- Anne De Roeck (Open University)
- Frederique Segond (Xerox Research Centre Grenoble)
- Kiril Simov (BAS, Sofia)
- John Tait (University of Sunderland)
- L. Alfonso Urena Lopez (Universidad of Jaen)
- Karin Verspoor (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
- Manuel Vilares Ferro (University of Corunna)
- Yorick Wilks (University of Sheffield)

TUTORIALS (23-25 Sep 2007)

- Elisabeth Andre (University of Augsburg)
- Dimitar Kazakov (University of York)
- Stelios Piperidis (ILSP Athens)
- Frederique Segond (Xerox Research Centre Grenoble)
- Karin Verspoor (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

WORKSHOPS (26 and 30 Sep 2007)

Several one-day workshops will be organized on 26 and 30 September
2007.  A list of the selected workshops will be published on the
conference website soon.


Conference submission deadline: 31 Mar 2007
Conference acceptance notification: 10 Jun 2007
Workshop submission deadline (suggested): 15 Jun 2007
Workshop acceptance notification (suggested): 25 Jul 2007
RANLP-07 tutorials, workshops and conference: 23-29 Sep 2007


People interested in participating should submit a paper, poster or
demo through the conference website where details instructions will be


The picturesque resort of Borovets is located in the Rila mountains
and is one of the best known winter resorts in South-East Europe, a
frequent meeting place for the elite in world skiing. The resort is
1350m above sea level, at the foot of the highest peak on the Balkan
Peninsula - Moussala (2925m). The resort of Borovets is 73km from
Sofia and the International airport of Sofia can serve as
arrival/departure point. In addition to regular public transport, the
organisers will provide daily shuttle buses from Sofia airport to the
conference location at an inexpensive rate. A taxi from Sofia to
Borovets is relatively cheap; it is also possible to take a taxi from
the international airport in Sofia to the conference venue.


The main local organizer is the Linguistic Modelling Department,
Institute for Parallel Processing, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
( The conference is partially supported by the
European Commission via the project BIS-21++ "Bulgarian IST Centre of
Competence in 21 Century", INCO grant
016639/2005 awarded to the Institute for Parallel Processing,
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


- Galia Angelova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria (chair of
  the org. committee)
- Kalina Bontcheva, University of Sheffield, UK
- Ruslan Mitkov, University of Wolverhampton, UK (chair of the
  programme committee)
- Nicolas Nicolov, Umbria Inc, USA (editor of volume with selected
- Nikolai Nikolov, INCOMA Ltd., Shoumen, Bulgaria
- Kiril Simov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria (workshop

Best wishes
Dr Nicolas Nicolov
Chief Scientist
Umbria Inc.
1655 Walnut St, Suite 300
Boulder, CO 80302, U.S.A.
Tel: (303) 217-8215
Email: nicolas at

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