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                              CALL FOR PAPERS

                                 CIAA 2007
12th International Conference on Implementation and Application of Automata

                 July 16-18, 2007, Prague, Czech Republic

The 12th edition of the CIAA will take place in Prague, Czech
Republic, on July 16-18, 2007. The conference will be hosted by the
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Czech Technical
University in Prague.
We solicit papers in areas including, but not limited to, the
following topics as they relate to automata:

 - Bioinformatics
 - Bio-inspired computing
 - Complexity of automata operations
 - Compilers
 - Computer-aided verification
 - Concurrency
 - Data structure design for automata
 - Data and image compression
 - Design and architecture of automata software
 - Digital libraries
 - Document engineering
 - Editors, environments
 - Experimental studies and practical experiences
 - Industrial applications
 - Natural language processing
 - Networking
 - New algorithms for manipulating automata
 - Object-oriented modeling
 - Pattern-matching
 - Quantum computing
 - Speech and speaker recognition
 - Structured and semi-structured documents
 - Symbolic manipulation environments for automata
 - Teaching
 - Text processing
 - Techniques for graphical display of automata
 - Viruses, related phenomena
 - World-wide web 

Authors are invited to submit an electronic version (Postscript or
pdf) by April 3, 2007. An extended abstract should start with the
title, each author's name, affiliation, and e-mail address, and a
one-paragraph summary of the results and ideas. The extended abstract
should provide sufficient details to allow the Program Committee to
evaluate its validity, quality, and relevance to the conference. The
extended abstract should be at most ten (10) pages long using 11-point
font with ample margins. If appropriate, proof details omitted in the
paper may be added in an appendix. Precise instructions concerning the
submission procedure will be provided later on the CIAA 2007 web site We expect the proceedings
to appear in the Springer-Verlag Lectures Notes in Computer Science
series (pending approval). (See, for example, LNCS 3845 and LNCS 4094
for the proceedings of two previous conferences.) Extended versions of
selected papers from the proceedings of the conference series will be
solicited for publication in a special issue of Theoretical Computer
Science (TCS) and International Journal of Foundations of Computer
Science (IJFCS), alternating each year with the CIAA 2007 special
issue appearing in TCS. There will be a Best Paper Award (USD$300) for
CIAA 2007, which is sponsored by the University of California at Santa


  * Gheorghe Paun (Romanian Academy, Romania)
    "Spiking neural P systems used as acceptors and transducers"

  * Moshe Vardi (Rice University, USA)
    "Linear-Time Model Checking: Automata Theory in Practice"

  * Bruce W. Watson (University of Pretoria, South Africa; Sagantec, USA)
    "Automata applications in chip-design software"


Marie-Pierre Beal (Marne-la-Vallee, France)
Cristian Calude (Auckland, New Zealand)
Jean-Marc Champarnaud (Rouen, France)
Erzsebet Csuhaj-Varju (Budapest, Hungary)
Jurgen Dassow (Magdeburg, Germany)
Jacques Farre (Nice, France)
Jozef Gruska (Brno, Czech Republic)
Tero Harju (Turku, Finland)
Jan Holub, Co-Chair (Prague, Czech Republic)
Markus Holzer (Munchen, Germany)
Juraj Hromkovic (Zurich, Switzerland)
Oscar H. Ibarra (Santa Barbara, USA)
Masami Ito (Kyoto, Japan)
Kazuo Iwama (Kyoto, Japan)
Juhani Karhumaki (Turku, Finland)
Werner Kuich (Vienna, Austria)
Denis Maurel (Tours, France)
Giancarlo Mauri (Milano, Italy)
Borivoj Melichar, Co-Chair (Prague, Czech Republic)
Mehryar Mohri (New York, USA)
Gheorghe Paun (Bucharest, Romania)
Giovanni Pighizzini (Milano, Italy)
Jean-Eric Pin (Paris, France)
Bala Ravikumar (Sonoma, USA)
Wojciech Rytter (Warsaw, Poland)
Kai Salomaa (Kingston, Canada)
Pierluigi San Pietro (Milano, Italy)
Bow-Yaw Wang (Taipei, Taiwan)
Bruce Watson (Pretoria, South Africa)
Hsu-Chun Yen (Taipei, Taiwan)
Sheng Yu (London, Canada)


Miroslav Balik, Co-Chair (Prague, Czech Republic)
Jan Holub, Co-Chair (Prague, Czech Republic)
Michal Voracek (Prague, Czech Republic)
Ladislav Vagner (Prague, Czech Republic)
Jan Zdarek (Prague, Czech Republic)


Submission:    April 3, 2007
Notification:  May 10, 2007
Final version: June 1, 2007
Conference:    July 16-18, 2007 

For submission instructions, please see the conference web site at
For more information about the CIAA conferences visit

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