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			 Final Call for Paper

 Automated Syntactic Annotations for Interoperable Language Resources

		     City University of Hong Kong
			    8 January 2008

The First Workshop on "Automated Syntactic Annotations for
Interoperable Language Resources" will be held at the First
International Conference on Interoperability for Language Resources,
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 9-11 January 2008
( This Workshop is organized under the
auspices of ISO TC37/SC4.

We are now able to parse huge amount of data (due to computer speed
increase and parsing optimization) and yet we still do not have more
information than before about the quality of the results. The task is
not easy because the current amount of data does not allow manual
check anymore. A primary aim of the workshop is to identify and
evaluate natural language processing technologies that can be usefully
applied to the creation and annotation of language resources to be
used for practical tasks. Here, usefulness is defined according to, in
addition to accuracy and efficiency, linguistic granularity that the
tools apply and also the degree of compliance to ISO standards to
ensure interoperability. A second aim of the workshop is to see how
language resources can support the development of language processing
applications that are increasingly important to the global society.
Additionally, the situations for different languages are not the same.
At least two important criteria need to be considered for the
evaluation of parsing technologies: 1) the availability of large
corpora for the language, and 2) current mainstream evaluation metrics
may not be suited for that particular language.

We invite papers that demonstrate how to inter-link the results of
(multilingual or monolingual) parsers via the use of common
categories/structures in the resulting annotation, or
categories/structures that can be mapped to one another, and how these
can contribute to the extension of (multilingual or monolingual)
language resources. Pertinent side issues may include the evaluation
of the parsers, the resulting language resources, and the
detection/correction of residual errors. The commonality of categories
can be ensured by a common annotation framework for syntactic
phenomena, by interoperable annotation frameworks, or the mapping of
the results of syntactic parsers into semantic representations that
can be used for linking results of various parsers.

Papers are also invited that discuss parsing requirements to produce
application-specific language resources for tasks such as
syntax-semantics mapping, text markup for the semantic web,
terminology extraction, and ontology construction.


	  Submission deadline:	         7  Oct 2007
	  Notification of acceptance:	 1  Nov 2007
	  Camera-ready due date:        15  Nov 2007

Submissions should be no more than 8 pages in length, including
bibliography and any appendices. Author instructions are provided on
the conference web site

Submissions are made through the START system, accessible at Select "Parsing Technologies (workshop)"
under "Keywords/Topics".


	 Thierry Declerck, DFKI GmbH, Germany
	 Alex Chengyu Fang, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
	 Gil Francopoulo, Tagmatica, France
	 Eric de la Clergerie, INRIA, France


        Núria Bel, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
    	Harry Bunt, Tilburg University, Holland
    	Thierry Declerck, DFKI GmbH, Germany
    	Alex Chengyu Fang, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
    	Gil Francopoulo, Tagmatica, France
	Julia Hockenmaier,  UIUC, USA
    	Eric de la Clergerie, INRIA, France
    	Joakim Nivre, Växjö University, Sweden
        Patrick Paroubek, LIMSI, France
    	Vasile Rus, the University of Memphis, USA
    	Kenji Sagae, University of Tokyo , Japan
    	Pavel Smrz, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

	Alex Chengyu Fang <alex.fang at>
	Eric de la Clergerie <Eric.De_La.Clergerie at>

Eric.De_La_Clergerie at     Projet Atoll - INRIA Rocquencourt
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