Seminaire: S. Afantenos (Univ. de Nantes), LIPN, Resume multi-documents

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Le LIPN accueillera S. Afantenos (Univ. de Nantes) pour un séminaire
sur le résumé multi-documents. Le séminaire aura lieu au LIPN (Univ;
Paris 13, campus de Villetaneuse) en salle B311, le vendredi 4 avril à
14 heures.

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Thierry Poibeau

Résume :

In this talk we will present a methodology for the summarization of
events that evolve through time and are being described by multiple
sources. We propose that such a summarization task entails the
capturing of the similarities and differences that exist between the
news sources, in two axes: synchronically and diachronically. We
manage to capture those similarities and differences by the
introduction of the notion of Synchronic and Diachronic Relations
(SDRs), which are cross-document relations. SDRs exist between some
structures which we call messages.

This talk will begin with an introduction to the concepts of events
and topics, as well as with the ways in which events evolve, dividing
them into linearly and non-linearly evolving events. We will continue
by presenting a general methodology as well as a system architecture
for the automatic creation of summaries from evolving events. Two
concrete implementations for the above will finally be presented,
through two case studies: one for a linearly and one for a
non-linearly evolving event. In these case-studies I will present the
Machine Learning techniques used for the extraction of the entities,
messages and SDRs from the input documents. The extracted messages and
SDRs form a graph structure which we call grid. This grid is later
passed on to a Natural Language Generation system in order to create
the final summary. This seminar will conclude with the presentation of
the evaluation results and some words on future work.

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