Seminaire: La conjugaison des verbes roumains, 28/04/2008, Marne-la-Vallee

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Prochain séminaire interne de linguistique :
 Lundi 28/04/2008 à 10h30

  Ana-Maria BARBU, Institut de linguistique "I. Iordan - Al. Rosetti",

Titre :
 La conjugaison des verbes roumains

Résumé :
 The approach to the Romanian verb conjugation we propose is based on
the significant results got by methods of computational linguistics
which allow us to handle a large number of verbs (over 7.500). These
results give an accurate insight into the Romanian verbal system which
we see both from morphological and phonological point of view.

 We present an almost exhaustive classification of verbs following the
traditional Romanian conjugation classes. Within each of these classes
we further identify explicit paradigms, each characterized by a
specific set of desinences. We consider that two paradigm differ if
their desinence sets differ by at least one member. A statistical
evaluation shows the distribution of Romanian verbs on
paradigms. Another aspect of the verb morphology refers to the usage
of the verbal themes, the present and perfect ones, in conjugation.
Concerning the verb phonology, we confine ourselves to discuss the
types of the alternations inside and at the right edge of a root, as
well as a succinct analysis of their phonological context.

Lieu :
 Université Paris-Est, bâtiment Copernic 4ème étage, salle de


Elsa Tolone

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