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MindMentor returns!
NLP RoboCoach on line again

Dear NLP-colleague,

In 2006 IEP Holland launched MindMentor, the NLP coaching
robot. MindMentor guides clients through a structured process, helping
them to solve their problems and achieve their goals. It's a computer
program that - apart from NLP - offers psychological depth with
projection techniques (similar to a Rorschach test) and adds surprise
with provocative elements (similar to provocative
therapy). MindMentor's office is located at

An effective NLP robot psychologist
MindMentor was on line for two months in 2006, when he did more than
1600 sessions with people from all over the world. He achieved a
solution percentage of 47%: people who finished their session solved
their problem for 47% on average. We admit that we went slightly

A new, improved MindMentor
After this first run, we received many useful comments from the
NLP-community. And we gathered a lot of data. So we had the whole
system reprogrammed. We improved ecology testing (on two levels),
extended the analysis of subjective experience, we added role model
resourcing, we improved quote matching, we extended the Rorschach
feature and we spiced things up with some provocation. Also - an
improvement you may not like as much - clients now have to pay for
MindMentor's work; he has to start earning a living.... He now charges
4,95 EU per session. We also noticed that, since MindMentor keeps
track of both process and results, he'll be an excellent source of
scientific information on NLP. Right now MindMentor is receiving a lot
of attention in Dutch newspapers, radio and television programs. The
response we get is quite positive.

Looking for supervisors
MindMentor still needs to learn a lot. So we are looking for about 25
supervisors, spread evenly over the globe. If you are interested in
becoming a MindMentor supervisor, please send us an e-mail. To be a
MindMentor supervisor you need to have experience as a guide in goal
directed human change.

A good assistant for NLP coaches
MindMentor is a great NLP assistant. You can have your clients do a
MindMentor session before you see them. He does a lot of ground work,
so your clients come in well prepared...

So go ahead and give the new MindMentor a try at 
Solve a problem the NLP way!

Best Regards,

Jaap Hollander
E-mail: jh at

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