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                             Workshop on
                       Constraints in Discourse

This is the third in a series of workshops entitled "Constraints in

It is a linguistic commonplace to say that the meaning of text is more
than the conjunction of the meaning of its sentences. But what exactly
are the rules that govern its interpretation, and what are the
constraints that define well-formed discourse? For a long time, the
development of precise frameworks of discourse interpretation has been
hampered by the lack of a deeper understanding of the dependencies
between different discourse units. Recent years have seen a
considerable advance in this field. A number of strong constraints
have been proposed that restrict the sequencing and attaching of
segments at various descriptive levels, as well as the interpretation
of their interrelations.

The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum for presenting recent
research on constraints in discourse. The target areas include the
recognition of discourse structure as well as the interpretation and
generation of discourse in a broad variety of domains. The workshop
offers a forum for researchers from diverse formal approaches,
including but not limited to:

- Rhetorical Structure Theory (RST)
- Segmented Discourse Representation Theory (SDRT)
- Tree Adjoining Grammars
- Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG)
- The QUD Modell
- Plan Based Reasoning
- Abductive Reasoning
- Gricean Pragmatics
- Speech Act Theory

We invite talks that further our theoretical understanding of the role
of constraints in discourse, as well as empirical studies that shed
light on their empirical validity. The conference is explicitly
intended for discussion and comparison of theoretical accounts that
lay the ground for applications. It is not intended as a platform for
system demonstrations. Specific topics might relate to

 - Anaphora Resolution
 - Co-reference
 - Dialogical vs. Monological Discourse
 - Questions and Answers
 - Lexicon and Discourse Relations
 - Cognitive Modeling
 - Underspecification and Nonmonotonic Inferences

The organisers are planning to publish a book based on the
contributions to this workshop.

Publication (and workshop) language is English

Invited Speakers
Laurence Danlos, Universite Paris 7
Julia Hirschberg, Columbia University
Paul Piwek, Open University
Bonnie Webber, U Edinburgh, UK

Paper Submission

Researchers interested in contributing a paper to the workshop are
invited to submit an abstract that spans not more than 3 pages in PDF
or PS (single column, 10pt font size, a4 paper, including a
bibliography) using the form that will be provided at the workshop
website (via
Reviews will be done blindly; the abstracts may accordingly not
include explicit hints that allow the identification of the authors
(such as "in paper (...) we show that").

Important Dates
Conf: July 30th-August, 1st, 2008
Deadline for Submissions: April 25th, 2008
Notification of Acceptance: May 17th, 2008
Final Abstracts due: July 12th, 2008

Program Committee

Anton Benz, ZAS Berlin, Germany
Laurence Danlos, Universite Paris 7, France
Markus Egg, RU Groningen, Netherlands
Julia Hirschberg, Columbia University, USA
Peter Kuehnlein, RU Groningen, Netherlands
Paul Piwek, Open Univerity, UK
Gisela Redeker, RU Groningen, Netherlands
David Schlangen, U Potsdam, Germany
Manfred Stede, U Potsdam, Germany
Bonnie Webber, U Edinburgh, UK


Organisation Committee:
Anton Benz, ZAS Berlin, Germany
Markus Egg, RU Groningen, Netherlands
Peter Kuehnlein, RU Groningen, Netherlands
Gisela Redeker, RU Groningen, Netherlands
Manfred Stede, Uni Potsdam, Germany

Local Organisation:
Anton Benz, ZAS Berlin, Germany
Manfred Stede, Uni Potsdam, Germany

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