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CL-A Organizing Committee

Computational Linguistics - Applications Workshop (CLA'09)

event of

International Multiconference on Computer Science
and Information Technology (IMCSIT 2009)

12-14 October 2009, Mragowo, Poland

October 13th, 2009 - Tuesday

Part 1. 09:15-16:45 - Demonstrations   

09:15 - 11:30. Information retrieval

   1. Graphical, type-checking dependency tree editor
      Author: Tomas By
      Country: Portugal

   2. An Evaluation of Concept Suggestion Strategies for Professional
      Multimedia Archives
      Authors: Marco A. Palomino, Michael P. Oakes
      Country: United Kingdom

   3. Development and Evaluation of AnHitz, a Prototype of a
      Basque-Speaking Virtual 3D Expert on Science and Technology
      Authors: Igor Leturia, Arantza del Pozo, Kutz Arrieta, Urtza
      Iturraspe, Kepa Sarasola, Arantza Diaz de Ilarraza, Eva Navas,
      Igor Odriozola
      Country: Spain

   4. Language and Location: Map Annotation Project - A GIS-Based
      Infrastructure for Linguistics Information Management
      Authors: Yichun Xie, Helen Aristar-Dry, Anthony Aristar, Hunter
      Lockwood, Josh Thompson, Dan Parker, and Ben Cool
      Country: USA

   5. A TimeML Compliant TimEx Tagger for Italian
      Authors: Tommaso Caselli, Felice Dell'Orletta, Irina Prodanof
      Country: Italy

   6. Real-time unsupervised classification of Web Documents
      Authors: Anthony Sigogne, Matthieu Constant
      Country: France

10:45-11:15. Coffee break
   7. Language Model-Based Sentence Classification for Opinion Question
      Answering Systems
      Authors: Saeedeh Momtazi, Dietrich Klakow
      Country: Germany

11:30-13:30. Parsing issues; Linguistic resorces
   1. A Semi-Automatic TAG Syntactic Tagging Tool for Constructing an
      Arabic Treebank
      Authors: Feriel Ben Fraj, Chiraz Ben Othmane Zribi, Mohamed Ben
      Ahmed Manouba
      Country: Tunisia

   2. Parsing pregroup grammars in polynomial time
      Author: Katarzyna Moroz
      Country: Poland

   3. Dependency Based Valence Induction for an Italian FrameNet
      Authors: Luca Dini, Alessio Bosca
      Contry: Italy

   4. An Integrated Environment for Management and Exploitation of
      Linguistic Resources
      Authors: Ranka Stanković, Ivan Obradović
      Contry: Serbia

   5. Ontological Semantics in Modified Categorial Grammar
      Author: Bartłomiej Antoni Szymczak
      Country: Denmark

   6. Developing a Persian Chunker Using a Hybrid Approach
      Authors: Soheila Kiani, Tara Akhavan, Mehrnoush Shamsfard
      Country: Iran

   7. Computing the hierarchy of articulary dimensions
      Authors: Krzysztof Dyczkowski, Norbert Kordek, Paweł Nowakowski,
      Krzysztof Stroński
      Country: Poland

   8. Looking for new words out there
      Authors: Filip Graliński, Marcin Walas
      Contry: Poland

13:30-14:30. Lunch break
14:30-16:00. Use of NLP tools in practical applications
   1. - an Adaptive Text Entry Interface for Complex Scripts
      using Stochastic Language Models
      Authos: Amit Jain
      Country: United Kingdom

   2. TermPedia for Interactive Document Enrichment: Using Technical
      Terms to Provide Relevant Contextual Information
      Authors: Proscovia Olango, Gerwin Kramer
      Country: The Netherlands

   3. LingURed: Language-Aware Editing Functions Based on NLP Resources
      Authors: Cerstin Mahlow, Michael Piotrowski
      Country: Switzerland

   4. Using Natural Language to Improve the Generation of Model
      Transformation in Software Design
      Authors: Jean-Remi Falleri, Violaine Prince, Mathieu Lafourcade,
      Michel Dao, Marianne Huchard, Clementine Nebut

   5. On-line and off-line translation aids for non-native readers
      Authors: Eric Wehrli, Luka Nerima, Violeta Seretan, Yves Scherrer
      Country: Switzerland

   6. It's all about the Trees. Towards a Hybrid Syntax-Based MT System
      Author: Marcin Junczys-Dowmunt
      Country: Poland 

16:00-16:30. Coffee break
16:30-16:45. Voting for the best demonstration

Part 2. 16:45-18:30. Demo-poster session
16:45-17:00. Award-giving ceremony
   1. Best demonstration in each of the three topic
   2. Best demonstration of the CL-A Workshop  

17:00-18:30. Demo-poster session



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