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ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update

ELRA is happy to announce that 1 new Speech Resource is now available
in its catalogue:
**ELRA-S0296 FBK-Irst database of isolated meeting-room acoustic
events* This database has been produced within the CHIL Project
(Computers in the Human Interaction Loop), in the framework of an
Integrated Project (IP 506909) under the European Commission's Sixth
Framework Programme.  It contains a set of isolated acoustic events
that occur in a meeting room environment and that were recorded for
the CHIL Acoustic Event Detection (AED) task. The database can be used
as training material for AED algorithms in quiet environments without
temporal sound overlapping.  The database contains 16 semantic classes
of acoustic events. 9 people participated at the recordings. 3
experiments were recorded in different days, each one composed by 4
sessions and executed by 4 persons.  The database is made available
freely via FTP only. For more information, see:

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