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1st International ISWC Workshop on Living Web: Making Web Diversity a
true asset

October 26, 2009
Washington DC, USA


The large diversity underlying the content creation process of the Web
contributes a lot to the wealth and value of the Web. This diversity
is a consequence of many factors (e.g., cultural background, opinion)
and it has always been largely present in the Web. However, lately it
has been further boosted by the success of Social Web applications. As
a consequence, it has become more and more difficult to get a balanced
view on a given subject using current search technology.
The goal of this workshop is to discuss and highlight the potentials
that are inherent in diversity and that today are only marginally
exploited, as well as the risk of biasing through the
Web. Furthermore, it will discuss research ideas and results -
especially in the area of semantics but also multimedia and linguistic
technologies - that are relevant for enabling "Living Web" Technology,
i.e., technology that more systematically looks into diversity, helps
identifying bias and different viewpoints, and - in summary -
leverages diversity for exploiting its full potential to the Web user.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:
- Extraction of semantic information/semantic annotation
- Multimedia annotation
- Opinion mining and management
- Opinion extraction from multidimensional media
- Handling Ontology heterogeneity and ontology mapping
- Context, contextual ontologies
- Diversity aware classification and clustering technology
- Diversity driven information aggregation technologies
- Semantic clustering
- Diversity aware search and semantic search
- Multimedia retrieval
- Event-based multidimensional media management
- Intelligent (information) visualization technology
- Analysis of socials Web data (especially with respect to diversity)

August 11, 2009: Deadline for the submission of papers.
September 15, 2009: Deadline for the notification of
October 2, 2009: Workshop camera ready copy submission.

Prospective authors are invited to submit original technical papers of
no more than 8 pages in the standard LNCS paper format. Paper should
be submitted electronically in PDF format. Accepted papers will be
published in the workshop proceedings as a volume of
CEUR-WS. Prospective authors are expected to present their papers at
the workshop. Selected papers of the workshop will be published in a
special issue of a journal.  For further information, please visit the
workshop web site

Giulia Boato (co-chair) (University of Trento, Italy) e-mail:
boato at
Claudia Niederee (co-chair) (L3S Research Centre, Germany) e-mail:
niederee at
Hugo Zaragoza (Yahoo! Research, Barcelona, Spain)
Sreenivas Gollapudi (Microsoft Research, CA, USA)
Fausto Giunchiglia (University of Trento, Italy)
Wolfgang Nejdl (L3S Research Center, Germany)

Paolo Bersana (University of Edinburgh, UK), Paolo Bouquet (University
of Trento, Italy), Harry Chen (Siri, Inc., USA), Francesco G. B. De
Natale (University of Trento, Italy), Andrea De Polo (Alinari 24ore
SpA, Italy), Peter Fankhauser (L3S Research Center, Germany), Gregory
Grefenstette (Exalead, France), Vasant Honavar (Iowa State University,
USA), Ramesh Jain (University of California, Irvine, USA), Yannis
Kompatsiaris (ITI, Greece), Paul Lewis (University of Southampton,
UK), Vasileios Mezaris (ITI, Greece), Alessandro Moschitti (University
of Trento, Italy), Vanessa Murdock (Yahoo!  Research, Barcelona,
Spain), Kieron O'Hara (University of Southampton, UK), Daniel
Olmedilla (Telefonica R&D, Spain), Dave Robertson (University of
Edinburgh, UK), Nicu Sebe (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands),
Pavel Shvaiko (Informatica Trentina S.p.A., Italy).

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