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                  2nd C a l l   f o r   P a p e r s

                              IWPT 2009

        11th International Conference on Parsing Technologies
                         Sponsored by ACL/SIGPARSE
                         October 7 - 9, 2009

                            Paris, France

                    *** DEADLINE May 25th 2009 ***

ACL/SIGPARSE will  host the  11th International Conference  on Parsing
Technologies (IWPT'09) on October 7 - 9, 2009 in Paris, France, at
the University of Paris 7.

IWPT'09  continues  the tradition  of  biennial  workshops on  parsing
technology  organized  by  SIGPARSE,  the Special  Interest  Group  on
Parsing of  the Association for Computational  Linguistics (ACL).  The
first  workshop, in  Pittsburgh  and Hidden  Valley,  was followed  by
workshops in Cancun (Mexico) in 1991; Tilburg (Netherlands) and Durbuy
(Belgium) in 1993;  Prague and Karlovy Vary (Czech  Republic) in 1995;
Boston/Cambridge  (Massachusetts)  in 1997;  Trento  (Italy) in  2000;
Beijing  (China)  in  2001; in Nancy (France) in  2003;  in  Vancouver
(Canada) (2005); and in Prague (Czech Republic) in 2007.

Topics of interest for IWPT'09
Topics  of interest  for  IWPT'09  include, but  are  not limited  to:

theoretical  and  practical  studies  of   parsing  and   transduction
algorithms   for  natural   language   sentences,  texts,   fragments,
dialogues,  ill-formed   sentences,  speech  input,  multi-dimensional
(pictorial)  or  signed languages, multimedia (web) documents; parsing
issues arising  or viewed  in a  multimodal  and multilingual context;
parsing  in  relation  to   semantic  and  pragmatic  information  and
communication;  cognitive  aspects  of grammar  and  their  impact  on
Knowledge-based and data-driven approaches are equally welcome.

Invited speakers

John Carroll (University of Sussex, Brighton, UK)
Mark Johnson (Brown University, USA)
Joakim Nivre (University of Uppsala, Sweden)

Time schedule:
   Deadline for full paper submission:       25 May,  2009
   Full papers notification of acceptance:    1 July, 2009
   Deadline for short paper submission:       8 July, 2009
   Short papers notification of acceptance:  15 July, 2009
   Final papers due:                       15 August, 2009
   Conference:                         7 - 9 October, 2009

Submitting Papers
Two types of submissions are invited:
- full papers,  to be presented  as such during the conference and to
  be published in the conference proceedings (maximally 12 pages);
- short papers,  to be  presented  at the conference in the form of a
  poster  plus a summary oral presentation  in a short-paper session;
  four-page summaries will be published in the conference proceedings.

Submissions of either type should describe original work. Full papers
should be concerned with  completed work  or intermediate results  of
ongoing work,  rather than  with intended work,  and should  indicate
clearly the state of completion of the reported results. Short papers
may describe planned or starting research or untested ideas.

A paper accepted for presentation  at IWPT 2009 cannot be presented or
have  been presented  at  any other  meeting  with publicly  available
published  proceedings.  Papers  that  are being  submitted  to  other
conferences or workshops must indicate this on the title page, as must
papers  that  contain significant  overlap  with previously  published

The  reviewing of  the  papers will  be  blind. The  paper should  not
include   the   authors'   names   and   affiliations.    Furthermore,
self-citations  and other  references (e.g.  to projects,  corpora, or
software)  that   could  reveal   the  author's  identity   should  be
avoided. For  example, instead of "We previously  showed (Smith, 1991)
...", write "Smith previously showed (Smith, 1991) ...".

Instructions for authors
Prospective   authors   are   invited   to  send   their   submissions
through the electronic submission  page  of  the  conference. The only
accepted format  for submitted papers is PDF.  Full papers  should not
exceed 12 pages; short papers should not exceed 8 pages.

Detailed formatting and submission instructions for authors will be
available through the IWPT'09 home page at:

For all inquiries send mail to eric.de_la_clergerie at or to
harry.bunt at

Programme Committee
All submitted papers will be reviewed by (or under the supervision of)
the international  IWPT'09  Programme  Committee,  consisting  of  the
following members:

Philippe Blache (CNRS/Provence University, Aix-en-Provence, France)
Harry Bunt (TiCC, Tilburg University, Netherlands)
David Chiang(USC/ISI, Marina del Rey, USA)
John Carroll (University of Sussex, Brighton, UK)
Stephen Clarck (Oxford Unniversity, UK)
Eric Villemonte de la Clergerie (INRIA, Rocquencourt, France) (chair)
Jason Eisner (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA)
James Henderson (University of Edinburgh,UK)
Julia Hockenmaier (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA)
Aravind Joshi (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA)
Ronald Kaplan (Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, USA)
Martin Kay (Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, USA)
Dan Klein (UC Berkeley, USA)
Sadao Kurohashi (University of Kyoto, Japan)
Alon Lavie (Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA)
Rob Malouf (San Diego State University, USA)
Yuji Matsumoto (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
Paola Merlo (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
Bob Moore (Microsoft, Redmond, USA)
Mark-Jan Nederhof (University of St. Andrews, Scotland)
Joakim Nivre (University of Uppsala, Sweden)
Gertjan van Noord (University of Groningen, Netherlands)
Stephan Oepen (University of Oslo, Norway)
Stefan Riezler (Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, USA)
Giorgio Satta (University of Padua, Italy)
Kenji Sagae (Institute for Creative Technologies, Marina del Rey, USA)
Khalil Sima'an (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Hozumi Tanaka (Chukyo University, Japan)
K. Vijay-Shanker (University of Delaware, USA)
Eric Wehrli (LATL, University of Geneva, Switzerland)
David Weir (University of Sussex, Brighton, UK)
Shuly Wintner (University of Haifa, Israel)
Dekai Wu (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China)

General Chair: Harry Bunt (Tilburg University, Netherlands)

Program Chair: Eric Villemonte de la Clergerie (INRIA, Rocqencourt, France)

Logistic Arrangements Chair: Laurence Danlos (University of Paris 7, France)

Further information
Additional information about IWPT'07 is available at the URL:

At the site  there is also
information about previous IWPTs, proceedings, books based on IWPTs,
and SIGPARSE related activities.

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