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Last call for participation
International NooJ 2009 Conference
8–10 June 2009, Tozeur, Tunisia
Conference & Workshop

The NooJ 2009 conference is organized by the Multimedia InfoRmation &
Advanced Computing Laboratory (MIR at CL), in collaboration with the
“Institut Supérieur de l’informatique et du Multimédia de Sfax”, the
“Faculty of sciences”, the “University of Sfax, Tunisia”, the
“Semio-linguistic Laboratory, the Didactic and computer science”
(LASELDI) of University Franche-Comté” and the “Maison des Sciences de
l'Homme Claude Ledoux”.

The conference will be held in Tozeur city, Tunisia. Tozeur (Arabic:
توزر‎) is a city in the South West Tunisia, located between
Chott-el-Djerib and Chott el-Gharsa. With hundreds of thousands of
palm trees, Tozeur is a large oasis. Dates produced in Tozeur are
famous. In ancient times, before the advent of motorized vehicles, the
oasis was an important transportation node through the Sahara for
caravans. The name of the city in antiquity was Tusuros, it was an
important Roman outpost.

The conference intends to :
- give NooJ users and researchers in Corpus Linguistics and in
  Computational Linguistics the opportunity to meet and share their
  experience as developers, researchers and teachers;

- present to NooJ users the latest linguistic resources and NLP
  applications developed for/with NooJ, its latest functionalities, as
  well as its future developments;

- offer researchers and graduate students three tutorials (two basic
  and one advanced) to help them become proficient, parse corpora and
  build NLP applications autonomously.

The conference registration is now open. Please, fill in the
registration form, available at our web site
(, no later than
Thursday 28th May 2009.

The NooJ 2009 preliminary program is available at:
( Program.pdf)

The organizing committee is in charge of booking the hotel rooms for
all participants. There are two options: single rooms or shared double
rooms. For further information about the conference hotel, you can
visit its web site at

We will be organizing shuttles between Tozeur’s airport and the hotel,
and will help participants come to Tozeur from Tunis or other
locations. Please give us your arrival and departure times and
airports to arrange the shuttles.

Don’t hesitate to ask for any further information; we look forward to
seeing you at NooJ 2009 !

With best regards,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee - NooJ 2009,
Dr. Slim Mesfar

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