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Apologies for multiple postings!

It is not too late to register for OIC 09! October 20-22 at the  
Fairfax Campus at George Mason University.

October 20 (optional) one-day tutorial presented by Leo Obrst

October 21-22 OIC 09 conference:

To register:

Hope you can join us!

Paulo Costa, Kathryn Laskey, Leo Obrst - OIC 2009 Organizing Committee


OIC 2009


Tuesday, October 20 Tutorial
08:20 - 09:00	   	Registration and Breakfast
09:00 - 10:20	   	Tutorial Session 1

    	Syntax, Semantics, Ontology Spectrum, Taxonomies	
10:20 - 10:40	   	Coffee Break
10:40 - 12:00	   	Tutorial Session 2	

    	Thesauri, Conceptual Models, Logical Theories (Strong Ontologies)	
12:00 - 01:20	   	Lunch Break
01:20 - 02:40	   	Tutorial Session 3	

    	Knowledge Representation, Logic, Ontological Engineering	
02:40 - 03:00	   	Coffee Break	
03:00 - 04:20	   	Tutorial Session 4	

    	The Semantic Web	

Wednesday, October 21
08:30 - 09:30	   	Registration and Breakfast

09:30 - 09:40	   	Welcome
09:40 - 10:40	   	Keynote Address

Chris Welty - The Evolving Role of Rules and Ontologies in the  
Semantic Web

As the semantic web evolves with new standards (like OWL-2 and RIF),
and more data (like Linked Open Data), the role of ontologies and
rules in semantic web applications is evolving as well. In this talk I
will briefly present highlights of the new standards and discuss where
the technology and data seem to be taking us, and what role they will
play as the web of data continues to evolve. (Bio)

10:40 - 11:00	   	Coffee Break

11:00 - 11:40	Plenary Paper Session
11:00 - 11:40	   	Substance-Blind Classification of Evidence
for Intelligence Analysis
paper	David Schum, Gheorge Tecuci,
and Mihai Boicu


11:40 - 01:20	   	Lunch Break

01:20 - 03:20	   	Plenary Paper Session
01:20 - 02:00	   	Towards an Effective Methodology for
Rapidly Developing Component-Based Domain Ontologies
paper	Troy Self and Dave Kolas

02:00 - 02:40	   	Supporting the Analytic Knowledge Manager:
Formal Methods for Ontology Display and Management
paper	Alan Chappell, Anthony Bladek,
Cliff Joslyn, Eric Marshall,
Liam McGrath, Patrick Paulson,
Sean Stolberg, and Amanda White

02:40 - 03:20	   	Contributions to a Semantically-Based
Intelligence Analysis Enterprise Workflow System
paper	Robert Schrag, Jon Pastor,
Chris Long, Eric Peterson,
Mark Cornwell, and Lance Forbes


03:20 - 03:40	   	Coffee Break

03:40 - 05:00	   	Plenary Paper Session
03:40 - 04:20	   	Universal Core Semantic Layer
paper	Barry Smith, Lowell Vizenor,
and James Schoening

04:20 - 05:00	   	Referent Tracking for
Command and Control Messaging Systems
paper	Shahid Manzoor, Werner Ceusters,
and Barry Smith


05:30	   	Transportation to Marriott
06:00 - 08:00	   	Conference Dinner

Thursday, October 22
08:30 - 09:00	   	Breakfast

09:00 - 10:00	   	Keynote Address

Doug Lenat - Mistakes Were Made

Douglas Lenat founded and has run the Cyc project since 1984, leading
a team building a large and broad ontology, knowledge base, and
inference engine. This talk will describe some of the lessons learned
along the way, ranging from representation of knowledge, to choice of
what knowledge to represent, to knowledge acquisition methodologies,
to reasoning strategies and tactics. It will showcase some of the
applications that forced Cyc to grapple with large amounts of data,
multiple sources, contradictory information, and so on, which have
largely come from the intelligence community and (perhaps
surprisingly, to this audience) from the clinical research
community. Dr. Lenat's work in machine learning won the Computers and
Thought Award; he helped establish the AAAI, and is a Fellow of the
AAAI and of the AAAS. Prior to Cyc, Dr. Lenat was a computer science
faculty member at Stanford and CMU, and he will briefly touch on a few
"learning experiences" he had back then, that laid the foundation for
his being able to make the mistakes of the last 25 years.

10:00 - 10:20	   	Coffee Break

10:20 - 11:40	   	Plenary Paper Session
10:20 - 11:00	   	An Ontological Approach to
Information Access Control and Provenance
paper	Bill Andersen and Fabian Neuhaus

11:00 - 11:40	   	Course of Action Planning Ontology
paper	Timothy Darr


11:40 - 01:20	   	Lunch Break

01:20 - 02:00	   	Plenary Paper Session
01:020 - 02:00	   	Higher Order Uncertainty and Evidential
paper	Justin Brody


02:00 - 02:40	   	Plenary Discussion

    	NCOR	Barry Smith

02:40 - 03:00	   	Coffee Break

03:00 - 04:00	   	Panel Discussion

    	The Future of the OIC	Leo Obrst

04:00 - 04:10	   	Wrap Up

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