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European Commission
DG Information Society and Media

Luxembourg, February 2010

Language Technology Days, 22-23 March 2010, Luxembourg

We would like to inform you that registration is now open for the
Language Technology (LT) Days organised by Unit INFSO.E1 - Language
Technologies and Machine Translation, on 22-23 March 2010 in

This event builds on the successful conference held in January 2009,
which attracted some 250 participants. It aims at bringing together
written and spoken language researchers, developers and professionals,
cutting across different themes and EU funding programmes.

Emphasis during the two days will be on the CIP ICT Policy Support
Programme (PSP) and the upcoming 4th call for proposals, which will be
launched on 21 January 2010. The call features Theme 6: Multilingual
Web, which aims to stimulate ICT-based multilingual communication,
collaboration and participation. Two objectives are foreseen, namely:
1. Open linguistic infrastructure and 2. Multilingual online
services. A total of 16 Meuro is available for funding a few ambitious

More details can be found on our web page:

Full details about the PSP programme can be found on

Further information on the forthcoming call, including an information
session which will take place on 14 January 2010 in Brussels, is
available on

The LT Days will also feature a presentation of the main R&D topics
for the next round of implementation of the FP7 ICT programme from
mid-2010 onward, together with a tentative schedule for future calls
in the field of language technologies.

A number of themed sessions are planned as well. They will bring
together the representatives of major initiatives and European
consortia involved in three main domains, namely Language Resources,
Machine Translation, and Evaluation.

The LT Days will take place in the conference complex of the Jean
Monnet building in Luxembourg. Participation is free of charge but
subject to prior registration and confirmation.

Further details, including the registration form, the final agenda and
list of speakers, can be found on:

This information is updated on a regular basis.
LT Days 2010 - Preliminary agenda

Day 1, 22 March 2010

14:00 - 15:00		Registration
15:00 - 17:00	S1. Session with the representatives of major
initiatives in the area of Language Resources: "Different initiatives,
different target communities, different business models... one common
1. Jaap van der Meer, TAUS-TDA
2. Khalid Choukri, ELDA		
3. Steven Krauwer, CLARIN
4. Stelios Piperidis and Nicoletta Calzolari, T4ME
In parallel:
15:00 - 17:00		- ICT-PSP proposal clinics; meet EC project
officers and discuss your ideas
			- Poster sessions and free networking

Day 2, 23 March 2010

08:30 - 09:15		Registration
09:15 - 09:30		Opening and welcome
09:30 - 10:00		S2. Keynote speaker
Don DePalma and Nataly Kelly, Common Sense Advisory (tbc)
10:00 - 10:45		S3. Overview of Theme 6 under the 4th PSP call
EC speaker
10:45 - 11:30	S4. Language Technologies within the ICT work
programme 2011-2012
Main orientations and opportunities
EC speaker
11:30 - 13:15	S5. Presentation of ongoing and newly started Machine
Translation projects
Discussion of new and emerging challenges
1. Philipp Koehn, EuroMatrix+	
2. Bill Byrne, FAUST
3. Christof Monz, COSYNE
4. Andy Way, PLUTO

13:15 - 14:15	Lunch break
14:15 - 15:45	S6. Interactive session on the ICT-PSP call. How to
design a successful proposal.
Administrative, financial and contractual information
	- brief presentations re the 2009 call
EC chair/speaker
1. Adriane Rinsche, successful proposer, MORMED	
2. Bojan Petek, member of the evaluation panel
In parallel:
14:15 - 16:00	S7. Presentation of newly started Language Resources
- community based platforms, shared infrastructure and services
- methods and techniques for automating the discovery and acquisition
Discussion of new challenges and opportunities
1. Hans Uszkoreit, T4ME
2. Nuria Bel, PANACEA
3. Andrejs Vasiljevs, ACCURAT
4. Beatrice Daille, TTC

16:00 - 17:30	S8. Evaluation
"Evaluation for whom? Evaluating what?"
Interactive session on competitions, tasks, metrics and resources; the
role and function of evaluation in the new ICT work programme
Moderator & panellists:
1. Emanuele Pianta, FBK - CELCT	
2. <tba>
3. <tba>
In parallel:
14:15 - 16:00		ICT-PSP proposal clinics

Day 3, 24 March 2010

09:30 - 13:00	Free "bottom-up" slots.
We will be pleased to host a couple of sessions devoted to specific
themes and/or organised by a group of participants sharing common


We encourage all participants in the LT Days to be active and promote
their ideas. If you have not been invited as a speaker, we cordially
invite you to bring along posters and/or flyers describing your
organisation, core abilities and activities and/or project ideas.

Participation is subject to prior registration and
confirmation. Delegates will have to pay for their own travel and
accommodation. The number of participants is limited due to space
restrictions. With this in mind, and to help us ensure that the widest
possible range of participants is represented, organisations should
send only one delegate whenever possible. Please therefore do not
definitely book your travel arrangements before your registration has
been confirmed.

You are invited to register to the event by e-mail to our functional
mailbox. The registration form is attached. Please register by 26
February 2010 at the latest.

For further information please contact: Mrs Susan Fraser
(susan.fraser at

Looking forward to seeing in Luxembourg,

Roberto Cencioni
Head of unit
DG Information Society and Media
Unit INFSO.E1 - Language technologies and Machine translation

Please fill the registration form below and return it to
infso-e1 at with the mention "LT Days 2010" in the subject


Registration Form

[ ]  Tick the box to confirm that you have read and agreed to the
     Privacy Statement below

[ ]  Tick the box if you do NOT wish your personal details (name,
     organisation, email address) to be published

Personal Information
Title (Mr/Mrs):	
Last Name:	
First Name:	
Country of Organisation: 
Email address:

You may choose to attend one or both of the days.  

Please tick your preferences:
22 March 2010
[ ] Session S1
[ ] Proposals clinic
    Your submission (up to three foils or pages) must reach us no
    later than 5 March 2010
23 March 2010
[ ] Sessions S2-S8
[ ] Proposals clinic

Other information
[ ] I wish to bring a poster
[ ] I wish to organise a themed session on 24 March; please specify:

Have you previously participated in EU funded projects?	[ ] Yes	[ ] No
Category of delegate:
[ ] Researcher	[ ] Developer/Vendor	[ ] User	  
[ ] EC or Gov official	[ ] Other (specify):


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