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Carol Ford therewithkhm20 at ROUSSIDIS.COM
Sat Jan 2 10:16:44 UTC 2010

Make the photo browsing really easy the new version of ACDSee software - ACDSee Pro 3. 

Effortless organization, Instant access, Metadata management, Fast and easy searching, Flexible browsing, Fast viewing, One-stop image processing, Non-destructive editing, Pixel-level editing, Professional presentation, Easy online publishing – are just the few features of this great version of ACDSee.

We are absolutely sure that the result will succeed all your expectations and you will use this great software every day, as it makes photo browsing a real pleasure. 

Only this week we have the special proposition for ACDSee Pro 3. You are welcome to buy it for $40 and save $130 dollars now. Look through other software products that we sell at our site and enjoy working with professionals. We have products for any your purpose. Check it out at our site right now.

We are sure that if the software is not presented at our site it does not exist at all!

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