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>From Stuart Shieber: 

Dear mathematical linguists,

I write to let you know that this year's ACL conference is including
an area on "Mathematical Linguistics and Grammatical Formalisms"; I am
serving as the area chair.  The conference will be held 11-16 July,
2010 in Uppsala, Sweden.

The program chairs have been especially interested in seeing good
submissions to the conference in the area, which has been
underrepresented in the past.  As a result, they have made changes to
the reviewing process to allow for reviewing criteria appropriate for
different types of papers, as described in the Call for Papers:

 The above categories include types of papers that have not typically
 been part of the ACL conference program. Since the appropriate
 criteria for evaluating papers is not identical for the above
 categories (and subcategories), ACL 2010 will use a different review
 form for each category of paper, with the review form tailored to the
 type of submission. For example, the review criteria for an
 applications/systems research paper will include whether a
 substantive evaluation or user experiments are reported and whether a
 demo will be available at the conference, whereas the review form for
 a theoretical computational linguistics research paper will include a
 different set of review criteria.

I urge you to submit your excellent work in the area to the
conference.  Deadline for both long and short papers is 15 February,

Further information about the ACL 2010 conference can be found at


Stuart Shieber

Stuart M. Shieber
Welch Professor of Computer Science
Director, Harvard Office for Scholarly Communication

Maxwell-Dworkin Laboratory - 245         office: (617) 495-2344
Harvard University                       cell:   (617) 733-4092
33 Oxford Street                       shieber at
Cambridge, MA  02138

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