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                              CLEF 2010
Conference on Multilingual and Multimodal Information Access Evaluation
                        20-23 September, 2010
                      University of Padua, Italy

In its first ten years of activity (2000?2009), the Cross-Language
Evaluation Forum (CLEF) played a leading role in stimulating
investigation and research in a wide range of key areas in the
information access and retrieval domain. It also promoted the study
and implementation of appropriate evaluation methodologies for diverse
types of tasks and media.

CLEF 2010 represents a radical innovation of the ?classic CLEF? format
and an experiment aimed at understanding how ?next generation?
evaluation campaigns might be structured. It had to face the problem
of how to innovate CLEF while still preserving its traditional core
business, namely the benchmarking activities carried out in the
various tracks and tasks.

CLEF 2010 consists of two main parts:

- A peer-reviewed conference (20?21 September) on experimental
  evaluation, which innovates the CLEF tradition.

- A series of labs (22?23 September), which continue the CLEF
  tradition of community-based evaluation.

The CLEF 2010 Conference aims at advancing the evaluation of complex
multilingual and multimodal information systems in order to support
individuals, organizations, and communities who design, develop,
employ, and improve such systems.The CLEF 2010 Labs continue the CLEF
tradition of community-based benchmarking and complement it with
workshops on emerging issues in evaluation methodology.

Honorary Chair:
- Carol Peters ISTI-CNR, Pisa, Italy

General Chairs:
- Maristella Agosti University of Padua
- Maarten de Rijke University of Amsterdam

Programme Chairs:
- Nicola Ferro University of Padua
- Alan Smeaton Dublin City University

Lab Chairs:
- Martin Braschler ZHAW, Switzerland
- Donna Harman NIST, USA

Organization Chair:
- Emanuele Pianta CELCT, Trento, Italy

Resource Chair:
- Khalid Choukri ELDA, Paris, France

Resources, Tools, and Methods
Experimental Collections and Datasets
Evaluation Methodologies and Metrics
Evaluation Initiatives

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