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Hi, Colleagues:

Sorry for crossing-list. Please feel free to distribute the following
cfp to anyone who might be interested.

9th International Workshop on Data Mining in Bioinformatics (BIOKDD10)
in conjunction with
ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data
Mining (SIGKDD'10)
July 25-28, 2010
Washington DC, USA

The goal of this workshop is to encourage KDD researchers and
practitioners to take on the numerous challenges that Bioinformatics
offers. This year the workshop will feature the theme of "Mining
biocomplexity: from molecular systems to health". Complex biological
systems consist of components that are in themselves complex and
interacting with each other. Understanding how the various components
work in concert, using modern high-throughput biology and data mining
methods, is crucial to the ultimate goal of genome-based economy such
as genome medicine and new agricultural and energy solutions.
Applying the study of complex biological systems, health informatics
aims to discover novel and useful patterns in large volumes of health
care related data and to explore the links between disease physiology
and molecular bio-sciences. BIOKDD offers a premier forum of
presenting data mining concepts and tools for integrating data from
heterogeneous multimedia sources, especially those from new
high-throughput experimental data collection technologies, and
expediting knowledge discovery in a wide range of areas including
biological, biomedical, pharmaceutical, nursing, clinical care,
dentistry, and public health research.

We encourage papers that propose novel data mining techniques for
post-genome bioinformatics studies in areas such as:

* Phylogenetics and comparative Genomics
* DNA microarray data analysis
* Deep sequencing data analysis 
* RNAi and microRNA analysis
* Protein/RNA structure prediction
* Sequence and structural motif finding
* Modeling of biological networks and pathways
* Statistical learning methods in bioinformatics
* Dynamics modeling for biological networks 
* Computational proteomics
* Computational biomarker discoveries
* Gene-environment, Gene-drug, drug-drug interaction discoveries 
* Computer aided drug discoveries
* Biomedical Text mining
* Biological data management techniques
* Semantic webs and ontology-driven biological data integration
* Knowledge discovery in electronic medical records
* Privacy and security issues in mining health databases

Papers should be at most 10 pages long, single-spaced, in font size 10
or larger with one-inch margins on all sides.  Paper in PDF/PS format
should be submitted to the workshop submission site Camera-ready
format papers may be referenced from previous BIOKDD conference

The workshop proceeding will be made available online. Selected papers
from the workshop will be invited for consideration for publication in
a special issue of a current bioinformatics journal or as a book
chapter. Details of the journal/book publication will be announced at
the web site:

5/04/2010	Deadline for Submission of papers
5/21/2010	Notification of Acceptance; Workshop Registration Open
6/01/2010	Submission of Camera Ready Papers
7/25/2010	Workshop Presentation

Program Co-Chairs:
Jun (Luke) Huan, University of Kansas

Jake Chen, Indiana University School of Informatics
Mohammed Zaki, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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