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      7th International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation
                             (IWSLT 2010)
                 First Call for Participants / Papers

                          December 2-3, 2010
                             Paris, France


The International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation (IWSLT) is a
yearly scientific workshop, associated with an open evaluation
campaign on spoken language translation, where both scientific papers
and system descriptions are presented. The 7th International Workshop
on Spoken Language Translation will take place in Paris, France on 2-3
December 2010.

=== Scientific Papers

The IWSLT invites submissions of scientific papers to be published in
the workshop proceedings and presented in dedicated technical sessions
of the workshop, either in oral or poster form. The workshop welcomes
high quality contributions covering theoretical and practical issues
in the field of machine translation (MT), in general, and spoken
language translation (SLT), including Automatic Speech Recognition
(ASR), Text-to-Speech Synthesis (TTS) and MT, in particular. Possible
topics include, but are not limited to:

  - Speech and text MT
  - Integration of ASR and MT
  - MT and SLT approaches
  - MT and SLT evaluation
  - Language resources for MT and SLT
  - Open source software for MT and SLT
  - Pivot-language-based MT
  - Adaptation in MT
  - Simultaneous speech translation
  - Efficiency in MT
  - Stream-based algorithms for MT
  - Multilingual ASR and TTS

Submitted manuscripts will be peer-reviewed by three members of the
workshop program committee. Authors of accepted papers are requested
to present their paper at the workshop.

=== Evaluation Campaign

IWSLT evaluations are not organized for the sake of competition, but
their goal is to foster cooperative work and scientific exchange. In
this respect, IWSLT proposes challenging research tasks and an open
experimental infrastructure for the scientific community working on
spoken and written language translation.  This year, the IWSLT
evaluation campaign will offer three tasks:

  - public speeches (TALK) on a variety of topics, from English to
    French (NEW CHALLENGE),
  - spoken dialogues (DIALOG) in travel situations, between Chinese
    and English,
  - traveling expressions (BTEC), from Arabic, Turkish, and French to

For each task, monolingual and bilingual language resources will be
provided to participants in order to train their translation systems,
as well as sets of manual and automatic speech transcripts (with
n-best and lattices) and reference translations, allowing researchers
working only on written language translation to also participate.
Moreover, blind test sets will be released and all translation outputs
produced by the participants will be evaluated using several automatic
translation quality metrics. Human assessment will be carried out for
the translation of spoken dialogues and basic travel expressions.

The goal of this year's new challenge (translation of public speeches)
will be to establish reference baselines and appropriate evaluation
protocols for future evaluations. As a consequence, although an
evaluation server will be set-up to compute several translation
accuracy metrics, there will be no official ranking of participants
published by the organizers for this task.

Each participant in the evaluation campaign is requested to submit a
paper describing the MT system, the utilized resources, and results
using the provided test data.  Contrastive run submissions using only
the bilingual resources provided by IWSLT as well as investigations of
the contribution of each utilized resource are highly
appreciated. Results feedback will be provided by the organizers a few
days after the run submissions. Finally, all participants are
requested to present their papers describing their MT systems at the

=== Important Dates

Evaluation Campaign:

  - Training corpus release		28 May 2010
  - Test corpus release			23 August 2010
  - Run submissions due (DIALOG, BTEC)	 6 September 2010
  - Run submissions due (TALK)		30 September 2010
  - MT system description due		14 October 2010
  - Notification of acceptance		29 October 2010
  - Camera-ready paper due		10 November 2010

Scientific Papers:

  - Paper submission due		 4 September 2010
  - Notification of acceptance		16 October 2010
  - Camera-ready paper due		10 November 2010

=== Organizers

IWSLT Steering Committee:

  - Alex Waibel (CMU, USA / Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT),
  - Marcello Federico (FBK-irst, Italy)
  - Satoshi Nakamura (NICT, Japan)


  * Workshop:

    - Alex Waibel (CMU, USA / KIT, Germany)
    - Joseph Mariani (LIMSI-CNRS & IMMI, France)

  * Evaluation Committee:

    - Michael Paul (NICT, Japan)
    - Marcello Federico (FBK-irst, Italy)

  * Program Committee:

    - Ian Lane (CMU, USA)
    - François Yvon (LIMSI-CNRS/U. Paris Sud 11, France)

Local Organizing Committee:

  - Martine Garnier-Rizet (IMMI, Chair)
  - Lynn Barreteau (IMMI)
  - Joseph Mariani (LIMSI-CNRS & IMMI)
  - Aurélien Max (LIMSI-CNRS/U. Paris Sud 11)
  - Guillaume Wisniewski (LIMSI-CNRS/U. Paris Sud 11)

Program Committee:

  - Alexandre Allauzen (LIMSI-CNRS/U. Paris Sud 11, France)
  - Laurent Besacier (LIG, France)
  - Arianna Bisazza (FBK-irst, Italy)
  - Francisco Casacuberta (ITI-UPV, Spain)
  - Boxing Chen (NRC, Canada)
  - Mehmet Uğur Doğan (Tubitak-Uekae, Turkey)
  - Matthias Eck (Mobile Technologies, USA)
  - Philipp Koehn (Univ. Edinburgh, UK)
  - Philippe Langlais (Univ. Montreal, Canada)
  - Geunbae Lee (Postech, Korea)
  - Yves Lepage (GREYC, France)
  - Haizhou Li (I2R, Singapore)
  - José B. Mariño (TALP-UPC, Spain)
  - Coskun Mermer (Tubitak-Uekae, Turkey)
  - Hermann Ney (RWTH, Germany)
  - Hwee Tou Ng (NUS, Singapore)
  - Matthias Paulik (CMU, USA)
  - Holger Schwenk (LIUM, France)
  - Wade Shen (MIT-LL, USA)
  - Sebastian Stüker (KIT, Germany)
  - Eiichiro Sumita (NICT, Japan)
  - Hajime Tsukada (NTT, Japan)
  - Haifeng Wang (Baidu, China)
  - Andy Way (DCU, Ireland)
  - Joy Zhang (CMU, USA)
  - Chengqing Zong (CASIA, China)

For all information, please visit the IWSLT 2010 Web site:

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