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                  Ninth International Conference on

                       COMPUTATIONAL SEMANTICS

                             (IWCS 2011)

                   January 12-14, 2011, Oxford, UK


                         Endorsed by SIGSEM,
                  the ACL Special Interest Group in
                       Computational Semantics

                Organisers: Johan Bos & Stephen Pulman



The University of Oxford will host the Ninth International Conference
on Computational Semantics (IWCS-2011), which will take place at the
Computing Laboratory on 12-14 January 2011.  The aim of the IWCS
conference is to bring together researchers interested in any aspects
of the computation, annotation, extraction, and representation of
meaning in natural language, whether this is from a lexical or
structural semantic perspective. IWCS embraces both symbolic and
statistical approaches to computational semantics, and everything in

                          TOPICS OF INTEREST

Areas of special interest for the conference will be computational
aspects of meaning of natural language within written, spoken, or
multimodal communication. Papers are invited that are concerned with
topics in these and closely related areas, including the following:

    * representation of meaning
    * syntax-semantics interface
    * modelling and context in semantic interpretation
    * representing and resolving semantic ambiguity
    * shallow and deep semantic processing and reasoning
    * inference methods for computational semantics
    * recognising textual entailment
    * methodologies and practices for semantic annotation
    * machine learning of semantic structures
    * statistical semantics
    * computational aspects of lexical semantics
    * semantics and ontologies
    * semantic web and natural language processing
    * semantic aspects of language generation
    * semantic relations in discourse and dialogue
    * semantics and pragmatics of dialogue acts
    * computing meaning in multimodal interaction
    * semantics-pragmatics interface

                     PROGRAMME COMMITTEE

Rodrigo Agerri         Marco Baroni            Anja Belz
Patrick Blackburn      António Branco          Harry Bunt
Aljoscha Burchardt     Nicoletta Calzolari     Rui Chaves
Philipp Cimiano        Peter Clark             Ariel Cohen
Robin Cooper           Ann Copestake           Rodolfo Delmonte
Markus Egg             Katrin Erk              Raquel Fernández
Anette Frank           Claire Gardent          Jonathan Ginzburg
Jerry Hobbs            Laura Kallmeyer         Lauri Karttunen
Ralf Klabunde          Alexander Koller        Emiel Krahmer
Alex Lascarides        Shalom Lappin           Kiyong Lee
Leonardo Lesmo         Bernd Ludwig            Bill MacCartney
Katja Markert          Paul Mc Kevitt          Sergei Nirenburg
Malvina Nissim         Sebastian Padó          Vincenzo Pallotta
Martha Palmer          Manfred Pinkal          Paul Piwek
Massimo Poesio         Sylvain Pogodalla       Richard Power
James Pustejovsky      Allan Ramsay            German Rigau
Rolf Schwitter         Jennifer Spenader       Manfred Stede
Mary Swift             Stefan Thater           Peter Turney
Kees van Deemter       Benjamin Van Durme      Jan van Eijck
Josef van Genabith     Carl Vogel


Two types of submission are solicited: long papers and short
papers. All papers will be reviewed by the PC. Please refer to the
IWCS-2011 website for submission instructions.

Long papers
Long papers should describe original research and must not exceed 10
pages. They will be published in the conference proceedings and will
have a full oral presentation of about 30 minutes at the conference.

Short papers
Short papers (typically system or project descriptions, or ongoing
research) must not exceed 5 pages. They will be published in the
conference proceedings, and will have a brief oral presentation (5
minutes) at the conference, followed by a poster/demo session for


The IWCS proceedings will be published in a printed volume with an
ISBN number. In addition, all articles will be archived as PDF format
in the ACL Anthology.

                    IMPORTANT DATES

 30 September 2010 Submission: long and short papers
   31 October 2010 Notification of acceptance: long and short papers
  19 November 2010 Due: camera-ready long and short papers
   1 December 2010 Early registration deadline
   12 January 2011 Pre-Conference Workshops
13-14 January 2011 Main Conference

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