Appel: PhD position in Computational Neurolinguistics, U of Trento, deadline 8th June

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we have a PhD position on a project using neuroscience, computational
linguistic, and experimental psychology methods to better understand
concepts. The deadline is coming up very soon. Please pass this on to
anyone you think may be interested,




Please see the posting below with details of a fully funded PhD
position in computational neurolinguistics at the Centre for
Mind/Brain Sciences, University of Trento, Italy.

This is a challenging interdisciplinary project, using machine
learning methods to integrate data from neural recordings, from
web-scale language corpora, and from behavioural experiments, and so
to arrive at a better understanding of word semantics. The project may
involve co-operation with international partners (Carnegie Mellon U,
Cambridge University, Tokyo Tech).

Programming ability is essential, and further experience with one or
more of the following desirable:

    - theoretical linguistics/semantics
    - psychology of concepts/semantic memory
    - computational linguistics
    - computational neuroscience
    - signal processing
    - neuroimaging technologies (EEG, MEG, fMRI)
    - experimental psychology

The deadline for applications is the 8th of June. CIMeC is an
interdisciplinary centre for neurocognitive research led by Alfonso
Caramazza. The centre is located in Rovereto, in the heart of the
Italian Dolomite Alps. The scholarship includes full fees and living



A PhD position in Computational Neurolinguistics (Conceptual
Representations) will be available at the Language Interaction and
Computation Lab (CLIC)  starting in late 2010 or early 2011.

The successful candidate will work as part of a larger project whose
objective is to combine empirical data of different types (corpus
co-occurrence patterns, elicitation experiments, neuroimaging data) to
arrive at a better understanding of the organisation of conceptual
knowledge in the mind and brain. Your task will be to continue ongoing
work which uses machine learning and data-mining methods to extract
conceptual representations from recordings of neural activity (EEG,
MEG and fMRI). Ideally the candidate should have knowledge of both
computational linguistic techniques (particularly distributional
models of meaning), and experimental design (elicitation/behavioural).
Programming skills are a must, and experience with neuroimaging
techniques, machine learning and signal processing would be a plus.

The Language Interaction and Computation Lab (CLIC) is a unit of the
University of Trento's Centre for Mind/Brain Sciences
( or CIMEC: an interdisciplinary Centre for the
research in brain and cognition including neuroscientists,
psychologists, (computational) linguists, computational
neuroscientists, and physicists. CLIC consists of researchers from the
Departments of Computer Science and Cognitive Science carrying out
research on a range of topics, including concept acquisition and
information extraction from very large multi-modal corpora, combining
brain data and data from corpora to study cognition, and methods of
theoretical linguistics.

The normal course of PhD study in Italy is three years, with
possibility of extension, and includes courses at the CIMeC Doctoral
School ( There are no tuition fees, and the
position includes a fellowship to cover living expenses.

For additional information please contact Brian Murphy
(brian.murphy at or Massimo Poesio (massimo.poesio at
directly, attaching your CV.

-- Brian Murphy Post-Doctoral Researcher Language, Interaction and
Computation Lab Centre for Mind/Brain Sciences University of Trento

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