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The 5th Language and Technology Conference (LTC 2011), November 25-27, 2011, Poznań, Poland


The 5th Language and Technology Conference (LTC'11), a meeting
organized by the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Adam
Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland in cooperation with the Adam
Mickiewicz University Foundation, will take place on November 25-27,

Since very beginning the meetings of the LTC series continue to
address Human Language Technologies (HLT) as a challenge for computer
science, linguistics and related fields. Fostering language
technologies and resources remains an important mission in the
dynamically changing information-saturated world. We aim at
contributing to this mission and we invite you to join us in that at
LTC'11 in November 2011, traditionally held in Poznań, Poland.


The conference topics include the following (the ordering is not

     * electronic language resources and tools
     * formalization of natural languages
     * parsing and other forms of NL processing
     * computer modeling of language competence
     * NL user modeling
     * NL understanding by computers
     * knowledge representation
     * man-machine NL interfaces
     * Logic Programming in Natural Language Processing
     * speech processing
     * NL applications in robotics
     * text-based information retrieval and extraction
     * question answering
     * tools and methodologies for developing multilingual systems
     * translation enhancement tools
     * corpora-based methods in language engineering
     * WordNet-like ontologies
     * methodological issues in HLT
     * language-specific computational challenges for HLTs (especially
       for languages other than English)
     * validation in all areas of HLTs
     * HLT standards and best practices
     * HLTs as a support for foreign language teaching
     * HLTs as support for e-learning
     * communicative intelligence
     * legal issues connected with HLTs (problems and challenges)
     * contribution of HLTs to the Homeland Security problems
       (technology applications and legal aspects)
     * visionary papers in the field of HLT
     * HLT related policies
     * system prototype presentations

This list is by no means closed and we are open to further
proposals. Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to feed us
with your suggestions and ideas of how to satisfy your expectations
concerning the program. The Program Committee is also open to
suggestions concerning accompanying events (workshops, exhibits,
panels, etc). Suggestions, ideas and observations may be addressed
directly to the LTC Chair by email (vetulani at
<mailto:vetulani at>).

Language: The conference language is English

Contact: ltc at

Paper submission

The conference accepts papers in English. Papers (5 formatted pages in
the conference format) are due by June 20, 2011 (midnight, any time
zone) and should not identify the author(s) in any manner. In order to
facilitate submission we have decided to reduce the formatting
requirements as much as possible at this stage. Please, however, do
observe the following:

1. Accepted fonts for texts are Times Roman, Times New Roman. Courier
   is recommended for program listings. Character size for the main
   text should be 10 points, with 11 points leading (line spacing).

2. Text should be presented in 2 columns, 8,42 cm each with 0,95 cm
   between columns (gutter).

3. The document size is 5 pages formatted according to (1) and (2)

4. The use of PDF format is strongly recommended, although MS Word
   will also be accepted. (Please no latex and other formats)

You may also use the templates (ELRA/LREC based format), to be found
at (soon).

Detailed guidelines for the final submission of accepted papers will
be published on the conference web site before September 12, 2011.
All submissions are to be made electronically via the LTC'11 web
submission system (EasyChair). Acceptance/rejection notification will
be sent by September 12, 2011.


Acceptance will be based on the reviewers' assessments (anonymous
submission model). The accepted papers will be published in the
conference proceedings (hard copy, with ISBN number) and on
CD-ROM. The abstracts of the accepted contributions will also be made
available via the conference page (during its lifetime). Publication
requires full electronic registration and payment of the conference
fee (full registration) by at least one of the co-authors before
October 12, 2011.

A post-conference volume with extended versions of selected papers is
planned to be published. As this was the case for post-LTC'07
(v. 5603) and LTC'09 (v. 6562), it is planned to publish them in the
Springer series Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence.
* Deadline for submission of papers for review:  June 20, 2011
* Acceptance/Rejection notification: September 12, 2011
* Deadline for submission of final versions of accepted papers:
  October 12, 2011
* Conference: November 25-27, 2011

Only electronic registration will be possible. Details will be
published at

Non-student participants:
Regular registration fee (payment before October 13, 2011) 190 EURO
Late registration fee (payment after October 12, 2011) 240 EURO
Student participants:
Regular registration fee (payment before October 13, 2011)  120 EURO
Late registration fee (payment after October 12, 2011)  160 EURO

To be entitled to student rates the participant must present a student
identity card (or equivalent document)valid on June 20, 2011.

The conference fee covers:
*      participation in the scientific program
*      conference materials
*      proceedings on CD and paper
*      social events (banquet,...)
*      coffee breaks


*Poster forum*
Although all accepted papers will be presented by the authors in the
traditional, standard way (oral presentation + discussion), the
organizers will offer to the authors an additional opportunity to
present (mini) posters containing the abstract and the key ideas of
the paper. Posters will be presented by the organizers during the LTC
in the conference area. No extra fee will be charged for this form of
presentation. The poster size will be A1, horizontal.

(Notice. The Poster forum should not be confused with traditional
poster sessions. In particular, there will be no limited presentation
time and the posters do not have to be accompanied by the authors)

*Hyde park corner*
We intend to arrange "A Hyde Park Corner" for non-reviewed
presentations and positions. Limited number of presentations
(depending on the available space) will be accepted. The content must
meet the conference scope and aims. Both form and content must conform
to the Polish and International Law. Texts will be presented on the
sole responsibility of the authors/presenters and will not be
published or reproduced in the Conference documents.
*A book exhibition* is intended (call for exhibitors in
 preparation). Also, registered participants are invited to bring hard
 copies of their papers and books. We plan to make special
 presentations of the achievements of the conference participants,
 irrespective of whether they are directly related to the conference

*Tutorials* A tutorial program is under construction.

*Special events.* Besides the standard conference presentation of
papers, the Organizers are open to various kinds of initiatives
(expos, demos, satellite workshops, panels, awards).  A program of
special events is now under construction. You are welcome to contact
us with your suggestions.

As at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Language and Technology Conferences (2005,
2007, 2009) special awards will be granted to the best student
papers. The  regular or PhD students (on the date of paper submission)
are concerned. Co-authored papers will be considered provided that the
students' contributions exceeds 60% and that the main author(s) is
(are) student(s)(this fact must be documented by a written declaration
signed by all co-authors).

In 2005 the Jury, composed of the Program Committee members present at
the conference, awarded this distinction to: Ronny Melz (University of
Leipzig, Germany), Hartwig Holzapfel (University of Karlsruhe,
Germany), Marcin Woliński (IPI PAN, Warsaw, Poland).

In 2007 this distinction went to Daria Fišer (University of

In 2009 two awards were granted: to Mahmoud EL-Haj (University of
Essex, UK) and Alexander Pak (LIMSI-CNRS, Orsay, France).

Participants from some non-EC countries may need visas to enter the
Polish territory. Visa delivery is exclusively in competence of the
Visa Authorities of the Schengen Convention countries. If you have any
doubts, we recommend you to check your situation with the nearest
Polish Consulate in your residence country. If you are author
(co-author) of an accepted paper, we can confirm - if necessary - that
we expect your presence at the conference for paper presentation. Upon
request, we may also write a confirmation letter (in Polish) directly
to the Polish Consulate indicated by you. To do this we will need a
request letter (e-mail) from you in which you will provide us with the
address of the Consulate you wish us to contact.

To get information about countries whose citizens are not required to
have a visa when entering Poland and to find important telephone
numbers you may also visit the web site of the Polish Ministry of
Foreign Affairs (see
Consular Information,Information,2345.html)

Conference location: Poznań, Poland. Further details will be
announced soon at

There are several large scale events in Poznań at the LTC 2009 time 
(November 25-27, 2011). Therefore, we strongly recommend you to make hotel 
reservation in advance. There are several standard possibilities to 
book via Internet. Also, a special offer for Conference participants 
has been prepared by the travel agency Zimny
(zimny at

MANY important information will is provided at Please check it from time to time and do not
hesitate to ask questions at ltc at

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