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META-RESEARCH Workshop on Advanced Treebanking (LREC 2012) - Call for

*The Workshop*
Many EU and world-wide projects and research groups are creating,
standardizing, converting and/or using treebanks, thereby often tackling
the same issues and reinventing methods and tools. The workshop has been
conceived by four projects, namely T4ME, META-NORD, CESAR and META4U,
which under the META-NET umbrella project strive to make many treebanks
and other LRT available for R&D. However, the workshop is not limited to
participants of META-NET, but it is widely open: papers of authors of
any origin will be welcome to share their experiences among those
working in this area. Also, papers on using treebanks in innovative ways
and/or analyzing issues with current treebanks (both in content and
format) will be welcome, to provide feedback to treebank developers. The
emphasis is not on linguistic theory or grammar, but on treebanks as
language resources.

*The Call*
As part of the LREC'2012 Language Resources Conference, to be held in
Istanbul, Turkey, the META-RESEARCH Workshop on Advanced Treebanking
invites papers on all aspects of treebanking, especially but not limited

- Treebank annotation (manual, semi-automatic, automatic) and related
  issues such as quality control, searching large collections of
  treebanks, parallel treebanks

- Treebank conversion between different linguistic representations (e.g.
  dependency vs. phrase-based) and between different formats

- Treebank standardization and format unification across languages and

- Combinations of treebanks and other annotations -- including but not
  limited to semantic role labeling, named entity annotation, discourse
  annotation, information structure

- Tools and online web services for the management of treebanks,
  visualization, search, processing, upload and download, etc.

- Innovative use of treebanks in all areas of natural language research
  and applications

- Reuse of treebank annotation for non-traditional purposes and in
  related disciplines (cognitive science, psycholinguistics, etc.)

- Improving the use of current treebanks in linguistic and computational

Oral presentations will have around 20 minutes each; demonstrations and
poster presentations will be encouraged (but optional) in addition to
the oral presentations, during the entire workshop in the meeting room
to stimulate discussions.

Submissions cannot be more than 8 pages long and will be reviewed using
the START system in the usual double-blind fashion, with at least three
reviews for each submission by the members of the Programme Committee.
Authors will be asked to provide details about the resources used when
preparing material for the paper (see and to the Language
Library, the new initiative of LREC 2012.

Jan Hajic, hajic at, Charles Univ., Prague, Czech Rep.
Koenraad De Smedt, desmedt at, Univ. of Bergen, Norway
Marko Tadic, marko.tadic at, Univ. of Zagreb, Croatia
Antonio Branco, Antonio.branco at, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Submission: Monday, February 20, 2012
Decision: Monday, March 19, 2012
Camera Ready in START: Wednesday, March, 28, 2012
Workshop date: Tuesday, May 22, 2012

*Programme Committee (to be extended)*
Antonio Branco, Portugal
Silvie Cinkova, Czech Rep.
Dan Cristea, Romania
Koenraad De Smedt, Norway
Rebecca Dridan, Australia
Jan Hajic, Czech Rep.
Silvia Hansen-Schirra, Germany
Nancy Ide, USA
Daisuke Kawahara, Japan
Valia Kordoni, Germany
Sandra Kuebler, USA
Krister Linden, Finland
Adam Meyers, USA
Joakim Nivre, Sweden
Stephan Oepen, Norway
Marco Passarotti, Italy
Adam Przepiorkowski, Poland
Eirikur Rognvaldsson, Iceland
Victoria Rosen, Norway
Marko Tadic, Croatia
Barbora Vidova Hladka, Czech Rep.
Juergen Wedekind, Denmark
Fei Xia, USA
Daniel Zeman, Czech Rep.

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