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Call for Papers:
5th Workshop on the Representation and Processing of Sign Languages: 
Interactions between Corpus and Lexicon at LREC 2012, Istanbul, May
27th, 2012

Abstracts are invited for a full day workshop on the interplay between
sign language corpora and lexicons, to take place preceding/following
the 2012 LREC conference.
Recent technological developments allow sign language researchers to 
create relatively large video corpora of sign language use that were 
unimaginable ten years ago. Several national projects are currently 
underway, and more are planned. This workshop aims to share experiences 
from current and past efforts. What are the problems that were 
encountered and the solutions created, what are the linguistic decisions 
taken? The special focus of this workshop is on the relation of corpus 
and lexicon work. For some sign languages, a corpus was built after a 
dictionary had been compiled, while in other cases lexicographic work 
and corpus annotation are done hand in hand. In some current projects, a 
corpus is collected without a dictionary being available, and the 
creation of such is only planned once the corpus is fully annotated. 
What are the implications of the different approaches, and what tool 
support is necessary for the different situations and phases? We invite 
abstracts for 20-minute oral/signed presentations or posters (with or 
without demonstrations) on the following topics:

. Experiences in building sign language corpora and lexical resources
. Proposals for standards for linguistic annotation
. Experiences from linguistic research using corpora in combination with 
  lexical resources
. Use of (parallel) corpora and lexicons in translation studies
. Tool development
. Lexicon construction from corpora
. Linking corpora and lexicons
. Integrated presentation of corpus and dictionary contents

Papers of both oral/signed presentations and posters (4-8 pages) of this
workshop will be published as workshop proceedings that are included in
the conference package.
Please submit your abstract (max. 1000 words) through the LREC START
system at not later
than Feb 6th.

When submitting a paper from the START page, authors will be asked to
provide essential information about resources (in a broad sense, i.e.
also technologies, standards, evaluation kits, etc.) that have been used
for the work described in the paper or are a new result of your
research. For further information on this new initiative, please refer

*Organising Committee*
Onno Crasborn, Radboud U Nijmegen, NL
Eleni Efthimiou, ILSP Athens, GR
Evita Fotinea, ILSP Athens, GR
Thomas Hanke, Hamburg U, DE
Jette Kristoffersen, UCC Copenhagen, DK
Johanna Mesch, Stockholm U, SE
Programme Committee (tbc)
Richard Bowden, Guildford GB
Penny Boyes Braem, Zürich CH
Annelies Braffort, Orsay FR
Christophe Collet, Toulouse FR
Kearsy Cormier, London GB
John Glauert, Norwich GB
Alexis Heloir, Saarbrücken DE
Jens Heßmann, Magdeburg DE
Trevor Johnston, Sydney AU
Reiner Konrad, Hamburg DE
Lorraine Leeson, Dublin IE
Petros Maragos, Athens GR
Carol Neidle, Boston US
Christian Rathmann, Hamburg DE
Adam Schembri, Melbourne AU
Meike Vaupel, Zwickau DE
Rosalee Wolfe, Chicago US

With financial support from the LREC conference and other institutions,
the oral/signed presentations will be interpreted into International
Sign. The International Sign interpreters will also be around for the
poster sessions to help out where necessary. Deaf participants wanting
to bring interpreters for their national sign languages are kindly asked
to contact us so that we can plan accordingly.

*Important Dates*
Deadline for abstracts: February 6th, 2012
Notification of acceptance: February 29th, 2012
Submission of paper (for both oral/signed presentations and posters): 
March 19th, 2012
Submission of slides for interpreters' preparation (oral/signed 
presentations only): May 22nd, 2012
Workshop: May 27th, 2012
LREC conference: May 23rd-May 25th (main conference)
May 21st & May 22nd (pre-conf workshops)
May 26th & May 27th (post-conf workshops)

*More details*
In due time, we will update the workshop website at with travel advise etc.
For further information, please contact the organising committee by
email to lrec2012 (at)

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