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ACG at 10
ten years of Abstract Categorial Grammars
at LaBRI: 7-9 December 2011, Bordeaux.

Abstract Categorial Grammars (ACGs), and λ-grammars have been
simultaneously introduced ten years ago in two papers respectively by
Philippe de Groote and Reinhard Muskens. These proposals were made so as
to give an elegant modelisation of the interface between syntax and
semantics. They ally the view of Richard Montague for the semantic
interpretation of natural language to the view of Haskell Curry that
distinguishes the tectogrammatics (the deep structure) from the
phenogrammatics (the linearization yielding the surface structure). ACGs
and λ-grammars implement these ideas by means of very few mathematical
primitives. They therefore offer an easy and powerful way of both
modeling natural language and exploring the mathematical properties of
the interface between syntax and semantics

This workshop is taking the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the
articles about ACGs and λ-grammars so as to gather researchers
interested in the topic, review the results obtained in the past decade
and draw the lines of the future research.

The workshop is open to everyone interested in ACGs, λ-grammars and
related topics, and more broadly to anyone interested in the mathematics
of language and natural language semantics.


- Pierre Bourreau (INRIA, Université de Bordeaux)
- Makoto Kanazawa (National Institute of Informatics)
- Gregory M. Kobele (University of Chicago)
- Ekaterina Lebedeva (INRIA)
- Zhaohui Luo (Royal Holloway, University of London)
- Jens Michaelis (University of Bielefeld)
- Michael Moortgat (University of Utrecht)
- Sylvain Pogodalla (INRIA)
- Carl Pollard (Ohio State University)
- Florent Pompigne (INRIA)
- Sylvain Salvati (INRIA, Université de Bordeaux)
- Yoad Winter (Utrecht University)
- Ryo Yoshinaka (Hokkaido University)
- Philippe de Groote (INRIA)


Wednesday December the 7th

8h45 - 9h00:
9h00 - 10h00:
Philippe de Groote: Abstract Categorial Grammars: Introduction and
10h00 - 10h15:
10h15 - 11h15:
Makoto Kanazawa: Lexicalization of second order ACGs and abstract 
families of abstract categorial languages.
11h15 - 11h30:
11h30 - 12h30:
Ryo Yoshinaka: Distributional learning of second order ACGs
12h30 - 14h00:
Lunch break
14h00 - 15h00:
Sylvain Salvati: On the membership problem of ACGs and of some
15h00 - 15h15:
15h15 - 16h15:
Pierre Bourreau: Coherence theorems in intuitionistic logic
16h15 - 16h30:
16h30 - 17h30:
Florent Pompigne: Type-theoretic extensions of ACG : properties and

Thursday December the 8th

9h00 - 10h00:
Gregory Kobele, Jens Michaelis: Derivational order and ACGs
10h00 - 10h15:
10h15 - 11h15:
Michael Moortgat: Compositional mapping
11h15 - 11h30:
11h30 - 12h30:
Carl Pollard: John is easy to please: GB theory's empty categories in a
Linear Grammar
12h30 - 14h30:
Lunch break
14h30 - 15h30:
Philippe de Groote: Dynamic semantics and logical relations
15h30 - 15h45:
15h45 - 16h45:
Yoad Winter: Events in Purely Semantic Slots: On Quantifier Scope and
Argument Structure in ACG
16h45 - 17h00:
17h00 - 17h30:
open discusion

workshop dinner

Friday December the 9th

9h00 - 10h00:
Zhaohui Luo: Type-theoretical semantics with coercive subtyping
10h00 - 10h15:
10h15 - 11h15:
Sylvain Pogodalla:
Structuring the Context: a Continuation Based Account of Modal
11h15 - 11h30:
11h30 - 12h30:
Ekaterina Lebedeva: Higher order continuation-based dynamic logic

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