Appel: Special Issue of Document numerique, Revue on Automatic Document - Summarization (extented deadline)

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Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 23:16:23 +0100
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Dear Colleagues,

The submission deadline for the Special Issue of the “Document
numérique” Revue on the topic: Automatic Document - Summarization has been extended to April 30, 2012. Hope this
deadline will be convenient for those who communicated for extension of
the deadline.

--------- Submission deadline extended to April 30, 2012---------------

Call for papers – Special issue of the “Document numérique” Revue


Special issue on “Automatic Document - Summarization”


Important dates:

Submission deadline: extended to 30/4/2012

Acceptance notice: 31/05/2012 

Authors final version: 15/07/2012

Delivery publisher: 01/09/2012 

Publication of special issue: December 2012


In this issue we particularly wish to invest the following topics (not

-          Simple documents Summarization 
-          Multiple document summarization 
-          Statistical approaches for Summarization 
-          Linguistic Approaches for Summarization 
-          Multimedia documents Summarization
-          Abstracts Revision 
-          Evaluation Summarization Systems
-          Multilingual Summarization


At the time where digital numerical documents available and exchanged
between individuals proliferate, it becomes impossible to access to
their content without having tools that summarize them while preserving
the ideas they convey.

This special issue aims to bring together researches that address the
problem of automatic summarization in all its facets. It aims to shed
light on the questions:

- How can we identify the key ideas in a document?

- How can we summarize information distributed across multiple

- How can we preserve the coherence and cohesion of the summary

- Can we apply the same approaches used to summarize texts to multimedia
  documents (video and audio)?

- How to evaluate the quality of a summarization? ...

Recommendations to Authors

- Submissions should be sent to Revue.ResumeAutomatique at
  (details below) and should follow the style sheet of the journal
  available on the server (or on request
  to: dn at

- Articles should not exceed 20-30 pages. They are accepted in French
  (or English for non French-speaking authors).

- Submissions can be sent as PDF files (preferred).

- Final versions will be accepted in Word format or PDF. In the latter
  case, the ortho-typographical corrections will be made by the authors
  at the request of the publisher.

Editorial Board

Delphine Battistelli, University of Paris Sorbonne
Lamia Belguith, FSEGS, University of Sfax, Tunisia 
Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou, ISIM, University of Sfax, Tunisia 
Philippe Blache, Université de Provence, Aix-en-Provence 
Rim Faiz, IHEC, University of Carthage, Tunisia 
Brigitte Grau, ENSIIE, Ivry, France 
Guy Lapalme, University of Montreal 
Abderrafih Lehmam, Minng Essential, France 
Jean-Luc Minel, MoDyCo, University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense - CNRS
Thierry Poibeau, Lattice- CNRS, France 
Horacio Saggon, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
Juan Manuel Torres Moreno - University of Avignon

The Publisher and the Revue


Abdelmajid BEN HAMADOU 
ISIM, MIRACL Laboratory, Technology Center, Sakiet-EZZIT 
BP 242, Sfax 3021, Tunisia 
Tel. : 0021698608919,  
E-mail: Abdelmajid.benhamadou at

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