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                      Last Call for Papers
                      LREC 2012 workshop on:

                Natural Language Processing for
               Improving Textual Accessibility

                   Endorsed by ACL SIG-SLPAT

                 May 27, 2012 (Morning Session)
                       Istanbul, Turkey




=== Introduction ===

This workshop aims to bring together researchers focused on tools and
resources for making textual information more accessible to people with
special needs including diverse ranges of hearing and sight
disabilities, cognitive disabilities, elderly people, low-literacy
readers and adults being alphabetized, among others. This workshop is

=== Motivation and Topics of Interest ===

In recent years there has been an increasing interest in accessibility
and usability issues. This interest is mainly due to the greater
importance of the Web and the need to provide equal access and equal
opportunity to people with diverse disabilities. The role of assistive
technologies based on language processing has gained importance as it
can be observed from the growing number of efforts (United Nations
declarations on universal access to information or WAI guidelines
related to content) and research in conferences and workshops (W4A,

However, language resources and tools to develop assistive technologies
are still scarce.

This workshop will give an opportunity for individuals from different
communities to present research findings, discover future challenges,
and discuss potential collaboration.

We welcome papers describing tools, resources, models, techniques and
evaluation from all areas of natural language processing tailored to
accessibility and assistive technologies. These include, but are not
limited to, the following:

- Resources: corpora of inaccessible documents, aligned corpora,
  gold-standards and annotation schemes.
- Evaluation, complexity and readability methodologies and metrics.
- Novel modeling and machine learning techniques for improving
- Natural language generation for improving accessibility.
- NLP for Web accessibility.
- Text adaptation, elaboration, simplification and summarization.
- User studies on systems and components.
- NLP tools for accessibility

=== Submission Information ===

We encourage contributions in the form of full papers (6 to 8 pages

Papers should follow the LREC format which is available at the LREC 2012
Web Site.

The submission process will be online using the START conference system at

All accepted papers will be presented orally and published in the
workshop proceedings.

=== Important dates ===

Mar 2, 2012          	Paper submission deadline (EXTENDED)

March 23, 2012          Notification of acceptance

March 30, 2012         	Camera-ready version

May  27, 2012       	LREC 2012 Workshops

=== LRE Map 2012 ===

The LRE Map 2012, an initiative promoted for monitoring the production,
use and evaluation of language resources and tools.

When submitting a paper from the START page, authors will be asked to
provide essential information about resources (in a broad sense,
i.e. also technologies, standards, evaluation kits, etc.) that have been
used for the work described in the paper or are a new result of your

For further information on this new initiative, please refer to

=== Organizers ===

Ricardo Baeza-Yates 		(Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Yahoo!)
Paloma Moreda 			(Universidad de Alicante)
Luz Rello 			(Universidad Pompeu Fabra)
Horacio Saggion 		(Universidad Pompeu Fabra)
Lucia Specia  			(University of Wolverhampton)

=== Program Committee ===

Sandra Aluisio 			(University of Sao Paulo)
Ricardo Baeza-Yates 	(Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Yahoo!)
Delphine Bernhard 		(University of Strassbourg)
Nadjet Bouayad-Agha 	(Universidad Pompeu Fabra)
Richard Evans 		(University of Wolverhampton)
Caroline Gasperin 		(TouchType Ltd)
Pablo Gerv‡s 			(Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
Jose Manuel Gomez	(Universidad de Alicante)	
Simon Harper 			(University of Manchester) 	
David Kauchak 		(Middlebury College) 	
Guy Lapalme 			(University of Montreal)
Elena Lloret	 		(Universidad de Alicante)
Paloma Martínez 		(Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)	
Aurelien Max 			(Paris 11)	
Kathleen F. McCoy 		(University of Delaware)
Ornella Mich 			(Foundazione Bruno Kessler)
Ruslan Mitkov 			(University of Wolverhampton)
Paloma Moreda	 	(Universidad de Alicante)
Constantin Orasan 		(University of Wolverhampton)
Luz Rello 				(Universidad Pompeu Fabra)
Horacio Saggion 		(Universidad Pompeu Fabra )
Advaith Siddharthan 	(University of Aberdeen)
Lucia Specia  			(University of Wolverhampton)
Juan Manuel Torres Moreno       (University of Avignon)
Markel Vigo 			(University of Manchester)
Leo Wanner 			(Universidad Pompeu Fabra)
Yeliz Yesilada 			(Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus)

=== Contact Address ===

For further information please contact us at:
luz.rello at or horacio.saggion at

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