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Last Call for Papers
NooJ Conference 2012

INALCO/SEDYL and the Laboratoire de Sémio-Linguistique et Didactique
(ELLIAD) of the Université de Franche-Comté organize the NooJ 2012
International Conference in Paris, June 14-16, 2012. 

NooJ is a linguistic development environment that allows linguists to
formalize several levels of linguistic phenomena: typography and
spelling; lexicons of simple words, multiword units and discontinuous
expressions; inflectional, derivational and productive morphology; local
and structural syntax, transformational and semantic analysis and

For each of these levels NooJ provides linguists with one or more formal
tools specifically designed to facilitate the description of each
phenomenon, as well as parsing/development/debugging tools designed to
be as computationally efficient as possible, from Finite-State to Turing
machines. This approach distinguishes NooJ from other computational
linguistic frameworks which provide a unique formalism. 

As a corpus processing tool, NooJ allows researchers in various social
sciences to extract information from corpora by applying sophisticated
queries based on concepts rather than word forms and build indices and
concordances, add semantic annotations, perform statistical analyses on
concepts, etc.

NooJ is freely available and linguistic modules can already be freely
downloaded for over a dozen languages. See for more
information on NooJ.

The conference intends to

– give NooJ users and researchers in Linguistics and in Computational
  Linguistics the opportunity to meet and share their experience as
  developers, researchers and teachers;

– present to NooJ users the latest linguistic resources and NLP
  applications developed for/with NooJ, its latest functionalities, as
  well as its future developments;

– offer researchers and graduate students two tutorials (one basic and
  one advanced) to help them parse corpora and build NLP applications
  using NooJ.

– provide the occasion to present and discover the recent developments
  of NooJ itself (v3).

Topics of interest 

– Typography; Spelling
– Morphology
– Linguistic resources; Lexical Analysis
– Local Syntax; Structural Syntax; Syntactic Parsing
– Transformational Analysis; Paraphrase Generation
– Semantic annotations; Semantic analysis 


Abstracts (up to 1 page, 400-600 words) in English containing the title
of the paper, author(s)’s name, e-mail address and affiliation should be
submitted to nooj2012 at The deadline for the submission of the
abstracts is February 03, 2012. For further information on the
conference visit the conference web page at Notifications of
acceptance will be sent by March 15th, 2012.


Deadline for abstract submission: 03 February 2012
Notification of acceptance: 15 March 2012
Registration deadline: 15 April 2012 
Conference: 14-16 June, 2012 

Scientific Committee 

Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou (MIRACL, ISIM-Sfax, Tunisia)
Yaakov Bentolila (Ben-Gurion University, Israel)
Xavier Blanco (University Autonomous Barcelona, Spain)
Krzysztof Bogacki (University of Warshaw, Poland)
Anaïd Donabédian (INALCO/SEDYL, Paris)
Zoé Gavriilidou (Democritus University of Thrace, Greece)
Svetla Koeva (Sofia University, Bulgaria)
Peter Machonis (Intnl University of Florida, USA)
Slim Mesfar (ISI-Tunis, Tunisia)
Max Silberztein (University of Franche-Comté, France)
Marko Tadić (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Simona Vietri (University of Salerne, Italy)
Duško Vitas (University of Belgrade, Serbia)
Vladimir Plungian (Moscow State University, Russia)
Tamas Varadi, (Budapest Academy of Sciences, Hungary)
Mathieu Valette (INALCO, Paris)
Odile Piton (University Paris 1, France)

Organizing Committee 

Victoria Khurshudian (INALCO/SEDYL, Paris)
Anaïd Donabédian (INALCO/SEDYL, Paris)
Jean-Michel Hoppan (SEDYL, Paris)
Liana Khatchatrian (INALCO/SEDYL, Paris)

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