Appel: Unitex => Gramlab, Call for beta testers

Thierry Hamon thierry.hamon at UNIV-PARIS13.FR
Sat Jun 9 20:27:05 UTC 2012

Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2012 09:34:47 +0200
From: Sébastien Paumier
Message-ID: <4FD05997.2080804 at>

Dear colleagues,

I inform you that the beta version of Gramlab is now available for

Gramlab is an integrated development environment dedicated to local
grammars automata creation, edition and diffusion. Gramlab allows
computational linguists in collective or individual contexts to design
or maintain grammar collections.  Gramlab was build upon Unitex software
and includes Unitex linguistic resources.  It keeps most of Unitex
features, and adds many ones including:

- a project-oriented design allowing the user to work on several
  projects in parallel
- a brand new Eclipse-like interface, remembering the user configuration
  when restarted
- integrated SVN support for data sharing, including facilities for
  comparing and merging graphs
- a workflow approach allowing the user to run with one click a full processing 
  sequence (preprocessing, locate, concordance)
- possibility to type some test text without having to edit a new corpus
- new graph edition features to manipulate box groups with a right click
- named graph repositories
- auto-refresh of opened files that have been modified
- utf8 support

There is no user documention yet, but if you already know Unitex,
Gramlab should be intuitive enough for you. Since it is designed as a
collaborative project, feel free to join our wikis and forums on
SourceForge and give us inputs and use cases here.

In order to test Gramlab, you have to install the latest version of
Unitex 3.0beta (, and run Gramlab.jar
instead of Unitex.jar.

Please report bugs, comments and questions to Fanny Grandry
(grandry at  If you want to become a registered beta tester,
you can ask her for an account on the bug tracking system we use.

Best regards,
Sébastien Paumier
Gramlab IDE was implemented by the GramLab <>
Project, a FEDER-funded Research supported by Cap Digital.

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