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The Vision and Content Engineering Lab (LVIC) of CEA LIST (French Atomic
Commission), an interdisciplinary group that works on multimedia and
multilingual data analysis and understanding, with a focus on fast
growing and large public application domains, announces the availability
of a 2-years post doctoral position.

The position is associated to the MUCKE project, funded within the
CHIST-ERA funding scheme of the FP7, which fosters highly innovative and
multidisciplinary collaborative projects in information and
communication sciences and technologies. The project will start in
October 2012. Its main objective is to devise new and reliable knowledge
extraction models designed for multilingual and multimodal data shared
on social networks.

The post-doctoral researcher will first work on multimodal concept
representation and then on user credibility estimation for multimedia
flows. The first task will focuson the proposition of innovative
language and image processing techniques as well as on their combination
using information fusion techniques. Particular attention will be given
to the scalability of the methods developed because one important
project objective is to model a large number of concepts (hundreds of
thousands) and an important volume of textual and visual documents (tens
of millions). For textual documents, the objective is to depart from
text representations as bags of words (unigrams) to representations as
vectors of unambiguous concepts and entities through concept and entity
recognition and disambiguation. For images, the main problems tacked in
MUCKE are parsimonious local image description, large scale concept
detection and concept visualness. Multimodal fusion will be based on
probabilistic models that move beyond a scoring of similarity towards
providing an actual probability of relevance.

The second task will focus on the proposition of a novel model for 
estimating user credibility for multimedia flows, which combines content 
and structural features of the user's networked representation. Using 
results obtained for concept representation, credibility estimation will 
be cast as an information fusion problem, with a first step that 
combines textual and visual information and a second step that combines 
user content and context. Another important credibility related question 
that will be investigated is whether credibility should be a global 
characteristic of a user or domain related.

Candidates must hold a PhD in Computer Science or expect to complete it 
before November 2012. Experience in Natural Language Processing, 
Information Retrieval or Computer Vision is expected, as well as 
willingness to learn new topics related to the post-doc.

The lab is situated in Palaiseau, 20 km south of Paris and is part of 
the CEA LIST Institute, which focuses its research activities on 
developing innovative technologies for smart and complex systems. The 
post-doc will be part of the lab's multimedia team, which consists of 
researchers in NLP, computer vision and multimedia processing. The 
working language are English and French. A more detailed description of 
LVIC's activities is available at _

For further information, please send an expression of interest to 
adrian.popescu at, attaching a CV. The position is availablefrom 
November 2012 and is open until filled.

Adrian Popescu
Vision and Content Engineering Lab
Centre de Saclay - NanoInnov Bât. 861

adrian.popescu at

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