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                         CALL FOR PAPERS
               The Eleventh International Workshop
                   on Tree Adjoining Grammars
                     and Related Formalisms

                       26-28 September 2012
                     University Paris-Diderot
                           Paris, France


The Workshop on Tree-Adjoining Grammars and related formalisms (TAG+) is
a biennial workshop series that fosters exchange of ideas among
linguists, psycholinguists and computer scientists interested in
modeling natural language using formal grammars.  The workshop series,
since 1990, has demonstrated productive interactions among researchers
and practitioners interested in various aspects of the Tree-Adjoining
Grammar formalism and its relationship to other grammar formalisms, such
as combinatory categorial grammar, dependency grammars, Minimalist
grammars, HPSG, and LFG; hence the "+" in the name of the workshop.

Tree-Adjoining Grammars (TAG) and related lexicalized grammar formalisms
provide mathematical tools to model natural language and the scaffolding
to encode linguistic generalizations in a principled manner.  In the
past, this workshop has helped identify similarities and differences
between the above formalisms, leading to the shared development of
broad-coverage grammars, transfer of parsing and machine learning
algorithms from one formalism to another and to new insights into the
properties of different formalisms and their capacity for linguistic
explanation.  It is our expectation that this edition of the workshop
will continue enabling cross-fertilization of ideas that combine the
representational flexibility of TAG-like grammar formalisms with the
robustness afforded by machine learning techniques to produce a deeper
insight into modeling of natural language.

The first day of the meeting will be devoted to a series of tutorial
presentations, designed to introduce attendees to a range of TAG-related

Invited Speakers:

* Kevin Knight, University of Southern California (USA)
* Bonnie Webber, University of Edinburgh (Scotland)

Tutorial Speakers:

* David Chiang – USC Information Sciences Institute (USA)
* Laura Kallmeyer – University of Düsseldorf (Germany)
* Andreas Maletti – University of Stuttgart (Germany)

Topics of Interest:

We invite submissions on all aspects of TAG and related grammatical
formalisms including the following topics:

* syntactic and semantic theory;
* mathematical properties;
* computational and algorithmic studies of parsing, interpretation and
  language generation;
* machine learning models using TAG-like representations;
* corpus-based research and grammar development using TAG;
* psycholinguistic modeling; and
* applications to natural language processing or biological sequence

Special Session:

We plan to organize a special session on formalisms based on synchronous
tree rewriting.  We especially encourage submissions on topics related
to synchronous tree rewriting, including theoretical aspects,
applications to machine translation and syntax-semantics interface.

Submission Details:

Anonymous abstracts may be submitted for two types of presentations at
the workshop: oral presentations and poster presentations. Poster
presentations are particularly appropriate for brief descriptions of
specialized implementations, resources under development and work in

Regardless of the type of submission, abstracts may not exceed two pages
in length (not including data, figures and references).  Both one-column
or two-column abstracts are permissible. However do not use a font that
is smaller than 11pt. If you are using LaTeX for document preparation,
then any recent ACL style file can be used. The final camera ready
version of the full paper for the proceedings must be in two-column
format conforming to the most recent ACL style file.

The abstract must be submitted electronically in PDF format, using the
EasyChair electronic submission website at

The submission instructions can be found at

Proceedings including full papers for accepted abstracts (both oral and
poster presentations) will be available on-line before the workshop

Important dates:

* Deadline for submission of abstracts: June 15, 2012.
* Notification to authors of decision: July 30, 2012.
* Deadline for camera-ready submission: September 7, 2012.
* Workshop dates: September 26 to 28, 2012.

Contact Information:

The workshop website is at

Email contact: tagplus11 at


Program Chairs

* Chung-hye Han, Simon Fraser University (Canada)
* Giorgio Satta, University of Padova (Italy)

Program Committee

* Srinivas Bangalore, AT&T Research (USA)
* Rajesh Bhatt, UMass (USA)
* David Chiang, USC Information Sciences Institute (USA)
* Benoit Crabbé University Paris-Diderot (France)
* Robert Frank, Yale University (USA)
* Claire Gardent, Loria (France)
* Daniel Gildea, University of Rochester (USA)
* Julia Hockenmaier, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA)
* Liang Huang, USC Information Sciences Institute (USA)
* Aravind Joshi, University of Pennsylvania (USA)
* Laura Kallmeyer, University of Duesseldorf (Germany)
* Makoto Kanazawa, National Institute of Informatics (Japan)
* Alexander Koller, University of Potsdam (Germany)
* Marco Kuhlmann, Uppsala University (Sweden)
* Andreas Maletti, University of Stuttgart (Germany)
* Yusuke Miyao, University of Tokyo (Japan)
* Mark-Jan Nederhof, University of St Andrews (Scotland)
* Steve DeNeefe, USC Information Sciences Institute (USA)
* Owen Rambow, Columbia University (USA)
* Maribel Romero, University of Konstanz (Germany)
* Tatjana Scheffler, DFKI (Germany)
* Anoop Sarkar, Simon Fraser University (Canada)
* William Schuler, The Ohio State University (USA)
* Stuart Shieber, Harvard University (USA)
* Mark Steedman, University of Edinburgh (UK)
* Matthew Stone, Rutgers University (USA)
* Sylvain Salvati, INRIA Bordeaux Sud-Ouest (France)
* Bonnie Webber, University of Edinburgh (UK)
* Fei Xia, University of Washington (USA)

Local Arrangements Chairs

* Éric de la Clergerie – INRIA Paris Rocquencourt
* Djamé Seddah – University Paris Sorbonne Paris 4
* Laurence Danlos, University Paris-Diderot
* Chantal Girodon, INRIA Paris Rocquencourt

TAG+ 11 is endorsed by EACL (the European Chapter of the Association for
Computational Linguistics).

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