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Discourse Processing, by Manfred Stede, Potsdam University

Synthesis Lectures on Human Language Technologies #15
(Morgan & Claypool Publishers), 2012, 165 pages


Discourse Processing here is framed as marking up a text with structural
descriptions on several levels, which can serve to support many
language-processing or text-mining tasks. We first explore some ways of
assigning structure on the document level: the logical document
structure as determined by the layout of the text, its genre-specific
content structure, and its breakdown into topical segments. Then the
focus moves to phenomena of local coherence. We introduce the problem of
coreference and look at methods for building chains of coreferring
entities in the text.  Next, the notion of coherence relation is
introduced as the second important factor of local coherence. We study
the role of connectives and other means of signaling such relations in
text, and then return to the level of larger textual units, where tree
or graph structures can be ascribed by recursively assigning coherence
relations. Taken together, these descriptions can inform text
summarization, information extraction, discourse-aware sentiment
analysis, question answering, and the like.

Table of Contents: Introduction / Large Discourse Units and Topics /
Coreference Resolution / Small Discourse Units and Coherence Relations /
Summary: Text Structure on Multiple Interacting Levels

This title is available online without charge to members of institutions
that have licensed the Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and
Computer Science.  Members of licensing institutions have unlimited
access to download, save, and print the PDF without restriction; use of
the book as a course text is encouraged.  To find out whether your
institution is a subscriber, visit, or just click on the book's
URL above from an institutional IP address and attempt to download the
PDF.  Others may purchase the book from this URL as a PDF download for
US$30 or in print for US$45.  Printed copies are also available from
Amazon and from booksellers worldwide at approximately US$45 or local
currency equivalent.

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