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Apologies for multiple copies

7th International Conference on Logical Aspects of Computational

Nantes, France

July 2-4, 2012


Conference dates: July 2-4, 2012

The Conference series LACL exists since 1995. Its previous editions were
held in Nancy (twice), Grenoble, Le Croisic, Bordeaux and
Montpellier. The LACL proceedings were published in FoLLI-LNAI series
(volumes 1328, 1582, 2014, 2099, 3492, 6736) edited by Springer.


Early registration deadline: 24 May 2012 (11:59pm GMT).
Late registration deadline: 30 June 2012 (11:59pm GMT).
Online registration will not be available after the late registration
deadline. Only on-site registration is possible after this date.

You may now register online:
--------------------------             (Register)

1. Click 'Register'.
If you have already an account on or HAL, then you may
login directly using your account. Otherwise, you should create a new
account before register.

2. Fill out the registration  form and submit it.
You will receive an automatic message confirming your registration. 
The message contains the link to the payment page.

3. Go to the payment page and select one of payment modes: by Credit
Card, by Cheque, through Bank Transfert, using the Order Form or On
site.  If you choose the Credit Card mode, then (on reading the
instructions) you will be redirected to the on-line payment platform of
Nantes University (unfortunately, this platform is French speaking :-)).

Registration Desk : The Conference Registration Desk will open on
Monday, July 2, from 9:00 to 18:00. The registration desk will remain
open during the entire conference. Extra banquet tickets may be
purchased through the registration service. For information on dates and
costs, as well as, making a reservation, please refer to the
registration service.

The table below shows the registration fees (in euros).

Registration Fees 	Student 	Regular
Early 	                       120 	        210
Late 	                       180 	        270
On-Site                       200 	        310

>> Registration fee covers:

    Admission to the sessions of the conference
    Proceedings volume (Springer) and its USB-Key version
    Coffee breaks for 2, 3 and 4 of July, 2012
    Lunches for 2, 3 and 4 of July, 2012
    Welcome Reception on Monday evening (2 July)
    Excursion (3 July)
    Event Accessories (bag, programme, etc.)

>> The price of one participant Gala dinner ticket is 30 euros


In order to stimulate the interest in applications, the conference will
for the first time propose a System Demonstration Session.

Each system will be shortly presented in Demo Sessions and demonstrated
at the conference. It may also be completed by a poster. Participants
should use their own laptop for the demos. The organizers should be
contacted in case of any special requirements.


Prof. Mark Steedman,
School of Informatics University of Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
The Statistical Problem of Child Language Acquisition.

Dr. Alexander Clark,
Department of Computer Science, Royal Holloway University of London,
United Kingdom
Logical Grammars, Logical Theories.

Prof. Christophe Fouqueré and Dr. Myriam Quatrini,
Université Paris 13, France and Université de la Méditerranée, France
Ludics and Natural Language: First Approaches.


LACL 2012 will take place at the University of Nantes in the "Amphi A"
of Lombarderie Campus (Faculty of Sciences and Technologies).

Travel information

Coming by car:
Coming from Bordeaux, Paris or Angers : join the East ring road
(périphérique Est).
Take the exit number 39.
On the rotary, take the direction of  "Université de Nantes centre
Follow direction signs.

Coming by tram (TAN):
Coming frome the Railway station (gare SNCF)
Follow the North exit (Sortie Nord). Take the Tram line 1 direction
"François Mitterand" till the stop "Commerce" (3rd stop), then change to
the line 2 direction "Orvault Grand Val" and take off at the stop
"Michelet Sciences".

Coming from the airport:
Take the airport shuttle and take off at the end stop "Commerce". Take
the tram line 2 direction "Orvault Grand Val" and take off at the stop
"Michelet Sciences".


The Organizing Committee of LACL 2012 pre-booked some rooms in various
hotels of different categories close to the meeting venue. See:             (Accomodation)


    Nicholas Asher, The non cooperative basis of implicatures.
    Thomas Graf, Movement-Generalized Minimalist Grammars.
    Yuri Ishishita and Daisuke Bekki, Toward the formulation of
      presupposition by Illative Combinatory Logic.
    Boris Karlov,  Abstract Automata and a Normal Form for Categorial
       Dependency Grammars.
    Gregory M. Kobele, Importing Montagovian Dynamics into Minimalism.
    Gregory M. Kobele and Jens Michaelis, CoTAGs and ACGs.
    Yusuke Kubota and Robert Levine, Gapping as like-category
    Stepan Kuznetsov, L-completeness of the Lambek Calculus with the
       Reversal Operation.
    Zhe Lin, Distributive Full Nonassociative Lambek Calculus with
       S4-modalities is Context-free.
    Zhaohui Luo, Common Nouns as Types.
    Hiroko Ozaki and Daisuke Bekki, Extractability as the Deduction
      Theorem in Subdirectional Combinatory Logic.
    Andrew Plummer and Carl Pollard, Agnostic Possible Worlds Semantics.
    Kurt Ranalter, Abstract machines for argumentation.
    Alexey Sorokin, On the Completeness of Lambek Calculus with Respect
      to Cofinite Language Models.
    Tao Xue and Zhaohui Luo, Dot-types and Their Implementation.
---------------------             (Program)


    Michele Abrusci (Università di Roma Tre)
    Nicholas Asher (IRIT/CNRS)
    Denis Béchet (LINA/CNRS) (co-chair)
    Raffaella Bernardi (University of Trento)
    Philippe Blache (LPL/CNRS, Aix-en-Provence)
    Wojciech Buszkowski (Poznan University)
    Philippe de Groote (LORIA/INRIA, Nancy Grand Est)
    Michael Dekhtyar (University of Tver)
    Alexander Dikovsky (LINA/CNRS) (co-chair)
    Markus Egg (Humboldt Universität Berlin)
    Annie Foret (University of Rennes 1)
    Nissim Francez (Tehchnion, Haifa)
    Makoto Kanazawa (NII)
    Greg Kobele (University of Chicago)
    Marcus Kracht (University of Bielefeld)
    Alain Lecomte (Université Paris 8)
    Hans Leiss (Universität München)
    Uwe Mönnich (Universität Tübingen)
    Michael Moortgat (Universiteit Utrecht, UiL OTS)
    Richard Moot (LaBRI/CNRS)
    Glyn Morrill (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona)
    Reinhard Muskens (Tilburg University)
    Gerald Penn (University of Toronto)
    Mati Pentus (Moscow State University)
    Sylvain Pogodalla (LORIA/INRIA, Nancy Grand Est)
    Carl Pollard (The Ohio State University)
    Anne Preller (LIRMM/CNRS)
    Christian Retoré (LaBRI/CNRS)
    Sylvain Salvati (INRIA, Bordeaux Sud-Ouest)
    Chung-Chieh Shan (Cornell University)
    Edward Stabler (University of California, Los Angeles)
    Mark Steedman (University of Edinburgh)
    Isabelle Tellier (Université Paris 3)
Local Demo Session Committee

Denis Béchet
Florian Boudin
Alexandre Dikovsky
Nicolas Hernandez


Ramadan Alfared LINA - University of Nantes
Denis Béchet LINA - University of Nantes
Florian Boudin LINA - University of Nantes
Alexandre Dikovsky LINA - University of Nantes
Anna Even LINA - University of Nantes
Nicolas Hernandez LINA - University of Nantes
Ophélie Lacroix LINA - University of Nantes
Annie Lardenois LINA
Anne-Françoise Quin LINA - CNRS


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