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Date: Sun, 07 Apr 2013 13:17:38 +0200
From: Gil Francopoulo <gil.francopoulo at>
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Dear all,

There is a (just published) book which may interest you:

LMF - Lexical Markup Framework
ed by Gil Francopoulo
published by ISTE Ltd + John Wiley & sons, Inc
ISBN: 978-1-84821-430-9

You may find it on Amazon or Wiley.

With the summary:

CHAP1 LMF - Historical context and perspectives
Nicoletta Calzolari, Monica Monachini, Claudia Soria

CHAP2 Model description
Gil Francopoulo, Monte George

CHAP3 LMF and the Data Category Registry: principles and application
Menzo Windhouwer, Sue Ellen Wright

CHAP4 Wordnet-LMF: a standard representation for multilingual wordnets
Piek Vossen, Claudia Soria, Monica Monachini

CHAP5 Prolmf: a multilingual dictionary of proper nouns and their
Denis Maurel, Béatrice Bouchou-Markhoff

CHAP6 LMF for Arabic
Aida Khemakhem, Bilel Gargouri, Kais Haddar, Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou

CHAP7 LMF for a selection of African languages
Chantal Enguehard, Mathieu Mangeot

CHAP8 LMF and its implementation in some Asian languages
Takenobu Tokunaga, Sophia Y.M. Lee, Virach Sornlertlamvanich, Kiyoaki
Shirai, Shu-Kai Hsieh, Chu-Ren Huang

CHAP9 DUELME: Dutch Electronic Lexicon of Multiword Expressions
Jan Odijk

CHAP10 UBY-LMF - exploring the boundaries of language-independent 
lexicon models
Judith Eckle-Kohler, Iryna Gurevych, Silvana Hartmann, Michael 
Matuschek, Christian M. Meyer

CHAP11 Conversion of Lexicon-Grammar tables to LMF: application to
Eric Laporte, Elsa Tolone, Matthieu Constant

CHAP12 Collaborative tools: from Wikitionary to LMF, for synchronic and
diachronic language data
Thierry Declerck, Pirsoka Lendvai, Karlheinz Mörth

CHAP13 LMF experiments on format conversions for resource merging:
converters and problems
Marta Villegas, Muntsa Padró, Núria Bel

CHAP14 LMF as a foundation for servicized lexical resources
Yoshihiko Hayashi, Monica Monachini, Bora Savas, Claudia Soria, 
Nicoletta Calzolari

CHAP15 Creating a serialization of LMF: the experience of the RELISH
Menzo Windhouwer, Justin Petro, Irina Nevskaya, Sebastian Drude, Helen 
Aristar-Dry, Jost Gippert

CHAP16 Global Atlas: proper nouns, from Wikipedia to LMF
Gil Francopoulo, Frédéric Marcoul, David Causse, Grégory Piparo

CHAP17 LMF in U.S. Government Language Resource Management Monte George

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