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Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the release of the open source term extractor
It is now available on CPAN: 

BioYaTeA is a version of the YaTeA term extractor
( ) that has been adapted
for term extraction in the biology domain.  The extracted terms contain
noun and adjective phrases. The method is based on a morpho-syntactic
analysis and shallow parsing.  The innovative aspect of BioYaTeA is its
ability to handle participles and prepositional phrases and to filter
out irrelevant terms.  BioYaTeA has been shown to improve the accuracy
of information extraction in the BioNL-ST'11 BB Shared Task

BioYaTeA takes as input POS-tagged text in TreeTagger or GeniaTagger
The output is in the XML-BioYaTeA format. BioYaTeA also computes the
term position, its syntactic structure and its subterms.

For further details on the linguistic principles and the evaluation of
BioYaTeA, please consult the following paper, which will soon be
available online:

Golik Wiktoria, Robert Bossy, Ratkovic Zorana and Nédellec Claire. (To
appear in 2013). Improving Term Extraction with Linguistic Analysis in
the Biomedical Domain. Proceedings of the 14th International Conference
on Intelligent Text Processing and Computational Linguistics
(CICLing'13), Special Issue of the Journal Research in Computing
Science, ISSN 1870-4069,, 24-30 March, Samos, Greece,

BioYaTeA e-mail contact: wiktoria.golik at,
robert.bossy at

YaTeA e-mail contact: thierry.hamon at

Best regards,

Wiktoria Golik
Bibliome group (INRA-MIG)

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