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******  WASSS: extended deadline 13 may*  *****

              Workshop  on Affective Social Speech Signals


                           22-23 august 2013

satellite of Interspeech 2013

Cross-Referencing with the *4th Workshop on Speech and Language
Processing for Assistive Technologies (SLPAT)*, co-located with
Interspeech 2013 in Grenoble, France, on August 21st-22nd, 2013:

The WASSSS workshop will take place at the University of Grenoble,
approximately 1 hour by train, bus or car from Lyon. It will be held
over 2 days: the Thursday and Friday before Interspeech.).

--- The intended contributions can be related, but not limited to:

- social emotions, social affect: theories or models, how and why

- social affect signals (e.g. expressions of automatic emotions and more
  social emotions, attitudes, intentions, mental states, cognitive
  processing, feelings...): corpus, description, annotation, etc

- the cultural contrast of affective social speech

- psychological/neuropsychological models and cues for social affect

- social and anthropological models for analysing affective processing
  and emotions expressions

- social affect in Human Machine Interaction and dialog

- multimodality of the social signals in face to face speech

- the place of social speech affect in L2 learning

- the challenge of social signals for robots and embodied virtual agents

- social affect in speech technologies: speech synthesis, recognition or

- speech social affect within personality, social rule and culture

- lexicon of social affect in speech

- sentiment analysis/opinion mining in speech

- etc.

-- Important dates:

paper submission:   extended to 13 may 2013
acceptation notification: 17 june 2013
final submission:  22 july 2013
early registration: 27 june 2013
late registration: 20 july 2013

--- submission

Papers should be a maximum of 4 pages Interspeech format (see submission
guidelines on Interspeech site

Every paper will be reviewed by at least 2 members of the scientific
committee (extension of the program committee).
The workshop contributions be followed by a special publication of
selected papers.

---WASSS description

This workshop will provide a meeting place for the different communities
interested into why, how and when speech is used by humans for
signalling socio-affective functions. It will be dedicated to building
interdisciplinary research and cross-fertilization between the different
scientific communities All areas related to human communication are
concerned: language and speech computing, robotics or virtual agents, as
well as linguistics, phonetics, pragmatics, didactics, sociology,
psychology, neuropsychology, ethology, biology, etc. The organisation of
affect is complex – from low-level emotion automatic or reflexive
processing to higher cognitive levels , culture-dependent,
language-organized, controlled processing. Speech can signal some very
rich social and emotional cues, reflecting personality, social role, the
cultural/language specificities in all human interactions and more
broadly in human communication.

This workshop will be especially the place where “social emotions” will
be debated from different points of view, with different meanings
depending on the domain.

*Program Commitee*

Aubergé V, LIG CNRS, Grenoble, France
Campbell N, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
Grandjean D., Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, Geneva, Switzerland
Mac K D, MICA, Hanoi, Vietnam
De Meo A, L2 Linguistics and Audio-Visual Center, Italy
de Moraes JA, UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sagisaka Y, Waseda University, Japan
Wichman A, School of Literature, Language and International Studies,
University of Central Lancashire, UK.
Pettorino M., L’Orientale University, Napoli, Italy
Rilliard A, LIMSI, Paris, France
Shochi T, Université Bordeaux, France
Tutin, A, Lidilem, Grenoble, France

*Scientific committee*

d’Alessandro, LIMSI CNRS, Paris
Amir N, Dpt for Communications Disorders - Speech, Language and Hearing,
Tel Aviv University, Israel
Audibert N, LPP, Paris, France
Barbosa P, Unicam, Campinas, Brazil
Batliner A., Lehrstuhl fuer Mustererkennung, Germany,
Chaby L, ISIR, Paris
Chetouani M, ISIR Paris
Martin JC, LIMSI, Paris, France
Martin P, Jussieu, Paris
Martin-Juchat F, GRESEC, Grenoble, France
Gu W, School of Chinese Language and Culture, Nanjing Normal University,
Devillers L, University Paris-Sorbonne, France
Escudero-Mancebo David, ECA-SIMM Laboratory, Universidad de Valladolid,
Guillaume L, Awabot
Lacheret Anne, Modyco, Paris
Laukka P,  Dpt Psychologye, Stockholm, Sweden
Mixdorf H, BHT Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Moudenc T, Voxygen, Lannion, France
Rosec O, Voxygen, Lannion, France
Romano T, Turin, Italy

*Organization Committee*

Adam Carole, LIG, Grenoble, France
Aubergé V, LIG, Grenoble, France, *chair*
Sasa Y., LIG, Grenoble, France
Rossato S, LIG, Grenoble, France
Vacher M, LIG, Grenoble, France
Vaufreydaz Dominique, INRIA/LIG, Grenoble, France
Antunes L., UFOP, Minais Gerais, Brazil
Rousset I., Lidilem, Grenoble France
Zampa V., Lidilem, Grenoble, France
Henrich N, Gipsa Lab, Grenoble, France
Lu Y, Gipsa Lab, Grenoble, France
Vallée N., Gipsa Lab, Grenoble, France

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