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PROMISE Technology Transfer Day @ CeBIT 2013

5-6 March, Hanover, Germany

The aim of the PROMISE Technology Transfer Day is to put researchers,
software developers and users together in order to facilitate a two-way
communication of research advances and results by researchers, as well
as the reverse flow of requirements and ideas from users and developers.
The final goal is to stimulate the discussion on Information Access
technologies and provide a forum in which invited speakers can share
their experiences, identify common strategies and needs, and detect
future challenges in this field.

Gathering, sorting, evaluating and retrieving information is
increasingly becoming crucial for professional (information) workers and
also in every-day life. Consequently, information retrieval technology
has been widely adopted in some fields, with some IR applications, such
as Web search services becoming immensely popular.
Academic research has started to branch into many aspects covering
advanced IR issues such as the handling of multilingual and multimedia
information, but there is as yet little take-up in operational systems
for the proposed solutions.
A methodology to perform an application-centric evaluation of
operational information access systems will be presented and Best
practice recommendations for IR system developers, IR application
implementers and IR ap-plication maintainers will be given.

Key speakers from both technology producers and users will be invited to
present their experiences, requirements and problems with respect to
Information Access technology.


1) Event: CeBIT Global Conference (CGC) - Power Stage
Date: Tuesday March 5
Time: from 2pm to 2.45pm
Location: CeBIT Convention Center, Room 17

2) Event: One-Day workshop
Date: Wednesday, March 6
Time: from 10am to 6pm
Location: CeBIT Convention Center, Room Leipzig (ground floor)

3) Event: Stand "EU Language & Big Data Projects"
Date: March 5 - 9
Time: daily 9am to 6pm
Location: Exhibition Grounds


CeBIT Global Conference (CGC) - Power Stage:
Stephen E. Arnold , (Moderator), USA
Martin Braschler, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
Nicola Ferro, University of Padua, Italy
Jussi Karlgren, Gavagai, Sweden

One-Day workshop:
Emma Bayne, The National Archives, UK
Celia Boyer, Health On the Net Foundation, Switzerland
Martin Braschler, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
Nicola Ferro, University of Padua, Italy
Gregory Grefenstette, Chief Technology Officer at Exalead, France
Antonio Gulli, Principal and Development Manager for Bing, UK
David Hawking, Chief Scientist of Funnelback, Australia
Ian Kegel, Head of Future Content Group, British Telecom Innovate, UK
Tony Russell-Rose, UXLABS, UK
Henrik Strindberg, Director of Research at Findwise, Sweden

Join us for an in-depth discussion on key issues in the Information
Access domain.

Participation is free of charge but places are limited.
Register now at
Registration deadline: February 25.

The event is promoted by the PROMISE project.


For any information please contact:

Pamela Forner, CELCT, Italy
Email: forner at

or visit the event Web site:

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