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Final Call for FULL Papers / Important Notice

SIGIR 2013, Dublin, Ireland, 28 July-1 August, 2013



IMPORTANT: Regular contributors to SIGIR 2013, please note changes to
SIGIR 2013 for authors, as outlined below.

SIGIR is the major international forum for the presentation of new
research results and for the demonstration of new systems and techniques
in the broad field of information retrieval (IR). The Conference and
Program Chairs invite all those working in areas related to IR to submit
original full papers, short papers, and proposals for tutorials,
workshops, and demonstrations of systems.  SIGIR 2013 welcomes
contributions related to any aspect of IR theory and foundation,
techniques, and applications. Relevant topics include, but are not
limited to:

- Document Representation and Content Analysis (e.g., text
  representation, document structure, linguistic analysis, multi-lingual
  IR, cross-lingual IR, NLP for IR, information extraction, sentiment
  analysis, clustering, classification, topic models, facets, text

- Queries and Query Analysis (e.g., query representation, query
  suggestion, query reformulation, query intent, conversational search,
  query log analysis, session analysis, question answering)

- Users and Interactive IR (e.g., user models, user studies, user
  feedback, search interface, summarization, task models, personalized

- Retrieval Models and Ranking (e.g., IR theory, language models,
  probabilistic retrieval models, feature-based models, learning to
  rank, combining searches, diversity)

- Search Engine Architectures and Scalability ( e.g., indexing,
  compression, distributed IR, P2P IR, mobile devices)

- Filtering and Recommending (e.g., content-based filtering,
  collaborative filtering, recommender systems, profiles)

- Evaluation (e.g., test collections, effectiveness measures,
  experimental design)

- Web IR and Social Media Search (e.g., link analysis, click
  models/behavioural modelling, social tagging, social network analysis,
  advertising and search, blog search, microblog search, forum search,
  community-based QA (CQA), adversarial IR, vertical and local search)

- IR and Structured Data (e.g., XML search, ranking in databases,
  desktop search, entity search)

- Multimedia IR (e.g., image search, video search, speech/audio search,
  music IR)

- Other Applications (e.g., digital libraries, enterprise search,
  genomics IR, legal IR, patent search, text reuse)


- Monday 21 January 2013: Abstracts for full research papers due 
- Monday 28 January 2013: Full research papers due 
- Monday 4 February 2013: Workshop proposals due 
- Monday 18 February 2013: Short papers, demonstration, and tutorial
  proposals due
- Monday 11 March 2013: Notification of workshop acceptances 
- Monday 11 March 2013: Doctoral consortium proposals due 
- Monday 15 April 2013: All other acceptance notifications 
- Sunday 28 July 2013: Conference begins in Dublin


We'd like to draw your attention to a few changes at SIGIR 2013 for

(1) The full paper track (10 pages) will introduce a new review
criterion, *Reproducibility of Methods*, in addition to the criteria
traditionally used at SIGIR.

The full set of review criteria can be found in the FULL PAPER REVIEW
CRITERIA section below.

Also, visit the following pages:

(2) Along with the full paper track, we will have a short paper (4
pages) and demo paper (2 pages) tracks.

Note that SIGIR previously had posters (2 pages) and demo papers (1
page).  Visit this page for details:


Relevance to SIGIR: Is the work presented within the scope of SIGIR?

Originality of Work: Does the work describe a unique problem? Does the
work propose a creative solution to an old problem? Is there similar
prior art?

Technical Soundness: Are the algorithms and methods used correct? Is the
experimental design appropriate? Are the experiments and analyses
thorough? Are appropriate statistical tests used?

Quality of Presentation: Are the ideas, methods, results and discussions
presented clearly? Is the paper structure appropriate? Is the paper
written in good English?

Impact of Ideas or Results: Will this research change practice? Will
this work be cited? Will this work generate additional research?

Adequacy of Citations: Are the authors aware of relevant prior art? Do
the authors provide a good overview of it? Is the citation list

Reproducibility of Methods: Are the descriptions of the methods used
detailed and accurate? Given the resources used in the paper, or (if
they are unavailable) similar resources, could researchers carry out
similar experiments to verify the results? What further description
could the authors provide?

Program Committee Chairs

Maarten de Rijke, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Diane Kelly, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA

Tetsuya Sakai, Microsoft Research Asia, China

General Conference Chairs

Gareth Jones, CNGL, Dublin City University, Ireland

Páraic Sheridan, CNGL, Dublin City University, Ireland

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