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This call for proposal derives from the CREATION OF AN INDUSTRIAL
major actor on the market of Telecommunications and I.T services in
France, in partnership with LIMOS (Research and Development Laboratory
for Modeling and Optimization of Information Systems) – CNRS (National
Centre of Scientific Research), ISIMA (Engineering School of Modeling of
Information Systems and its Application), IUT (University Institute of
Technology), and one of the major universities in the region where all
the actors are located, called Auvergne University, in French
“Université d’Auvergne”.

It comes so that the “Université d’Auvergne”, through its foundation, is
offering a fixed-term Full-Professor contractual job. This position is
mainly a Research oriented one: the recruited Professor will be in
charge of developing and managing, inside the LIMOS-CNRS laboratory, a
research project about the concept of Trusted Cloud Computing, with the
strong support and partnership from the company ALMERYS.

The position is a three year position, starting in September/October 2013.

The contents of this Professor Position.


The research activity will be centered on the security and reliability
of systems and services.  This research activity will be carried out at
LIMOS‐CNRS Laboratory.  LIMOS Laboratory is a Computer Sciences
oriented Laboratory whose activity focuses on Enterprise Informatics and
Complex System Optimization, and which involves 75 permanent
researchers, 7 technicians and 85 Ph.D.  students.  LIMOS involves teams
and researchers working in Algorithm Design, Wireless Sensor Networks,
Web Services, Databases, Data Mining, Manufacturing Systems.  It
maintains a broad scope of international and industrial partnerships,
and participates into two 10 years big Labex project about innovative
mobility and seismic activity monitoring.  The industrial chair Trusted
Cloud Computing is related to a partnership between LIMOS and the
ALMERYS Company.  The ALMERYS Company, part of ORANGE Group, works on
highly efficient and reliable intercommunication distributed software
design.  So, Research would here be carried on in strong interaction
with the teams in LIMOS which work on wireless sensors networks, web
services, and on database management (data mining, business
intelligence, machine learning) and with the ALMERYS Company.  It will
not only involve the production of concepts and procedures, but also the
management, inside LIMOS Lab.  of the relationship with ALMERYS, the
animation of the research which will be brought about the concept of
Trusted Cloud Computing, and the reinforcement of the related network.

The Key Words related to this Research activity are: Web Services,
Wireless Sensors Networks, Big data, Security, Reliability, Machine


Though the position is mainly Research oriented, it includes a teaching
duty of an average of 60 hours of classes per year, shared between the
IUT and the Engineering School of ISIMA.  The main goal will be to give
a first approach to students about issues related to the implementation
and design of data acquisition services and emerging Internet systems,
to their security and reliability.


Salary, Duration.

The position is a three year position, starting in September/October
Salary: Euros 60,000 per year before tax.

Besides, the position will be provisioned, which means that additional
resources will allow the recruited professor to supervise Ph.D.
students and to carry on a team activity.

Characteristics of the Candidates, Requirements.

The following requirements are mandatory:

‐ a Master or an Engineering degree in a scientific field;

‐ a PhD in the Sciences and Information Technology area;

Besides, the following items will be part of the evaluation criteria:

‐ a significant personal scientific production record;

‐ a professional experience which will eventually include an
international mobility and partnerships with companies.

Though there is no restriction about age or nationality, it will be
strongly appreciated that candidates may boast themselves with some kind
of proficiency in both English and French languages.

How to Apply: Contacts, Deadline.


CV and Motivation Letter should be sent to one of the following
contacts, who will also answer the questions which may be raised by the

LIMOS-­‐CNRS Laboratory:
Professor Michel MISSON
LIMOS Co‐Director
michel.misson at
+33 (0) 473 177 140

ALMERYS Company :
Emmanuelle DRAPEAU
Director for Human Resources for ALMERYS
In charge of recruitment and academic partnership management
emmanuelle.drapeau at
+33 (0) 473 743 239

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