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----Apologies for cross-posting---

The Fifth International Conference on Social Informatics (SocInfo2013)
25-27 November 2013, Kyoto, Japan

-----Call for Participation---------


The Fifth International Conference on Social Informatics (SocInfo2013)
is an interdisciplinary venue for researchers from informatics and the
social & management sciences to come together to share ideas and
opinions, and to present original research work. The goal is to create
an opportunity for the dissemination of knowledge between the two
communities, as well as to enable mutual critical discussion of current
Keynote Speakers:
Paul Resnick (University of Michigan)
Yoshiyuki Hashimoto (University of Tokyo)
Irwin King (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Co-located Events:


Towards a Spatial and Temporal Representation of Social Processes by
Christophe Claramunt (Naval Academy Research Institute, France)


1st International Workshop on Social Recommendation (IWSR-2013)
( )

1st Workshop on Quality, Motivation and Coordination of open
Collaboration (QMC 2013) ( )

1st International Workshop on Histoinformatics
( )

Accepted Papers:


Modeling Analogies for Human-Centered Information Systems
Christoph Lofi and Christian Nieke

Resilience of Social Networks Under Different Attack Strategies
Mohammad Ayub Latif, Muhammad Naveed and Faraz Zaidi

Follow My Friends This Friday! An Analysis of Human-generated Friendship
Ruth Garcia Gavilanes, Neil O'Hare, Luca Maria Aiello and Alejandro Jaimes

A Divide-and-Conquer Approach for Crowdsourced Data Enumeration
Hideto Aoki and Atsuyuki Morishima

Passive Participation in Communities of Practice: Scope and Motivations
Azi Lev-On and Odelia Adler

An Ontology-based Approach to Sentiment Classification of Mixed Opinions
in Online Restaurant Reviews
Hea-Jin Kim and Min Song

Automating Credibility Assessment of Arabic News
Mohamed Hammad and Elsayed Hemayed

The Study of Social Mechanisms of Organization, Boundary Capabilities,
and Information System
Shiuann-Shuoh Chen, Pei-Yi Chen, Yu Min and Yu-Wei Chuang

Predicting User's Political Party using Ideological Stances
Swapna Gottipati, Minghui Qiu, Liu Yang, Feida Zhu and Jing Jiang

A Fast Method for Detecting Communities from Tripartite Networks
Kyohei Ikematsu and Tsuyoshi Murata

Information vs Interaction: An Alternative User Ranking Model for Social
Wei Xie, Ai Phuong Hoang, Feida Zhu and Ee-Peng Lim

Feature Extraction and Summarization of Recipes using Flow Graph
Yoko Yamakata, Shinji Imahori, Yuichi Sugiyama, Shinsuke Mori and
Katsumi Tanaka

Unsupervised Opinion Targets Expansion and Modification Relation
Identification for Microblog Sentiment Analysis
Jenq-Haur Wang and Ting-Wei Yeh

An Ontology-based Technique for Online Profile Resolution
Keith Cortis, Simon Scerri, Ismael Rivera and Siegfried Handschuh

The Three Dimensions of Social Prominence
Diego Pennacchioli, Giulio Rossetti, Luca Pappalardo, Fosca Giannotti,
Dino Pedreschi and Michele Coscia

Automatic Thematic Content Analysis: Finding Frames in News
Daan Odijk, Bjorn Burscher, Rens Vliegenthart and Maarten de Rijke

Optimal scales in weighted networks
Diego Garlaschelli, Sebastian E. Ahnert, Thomas M. A. Fink and Guido

Diversity-Based HITS: Web Page Ranking by Referrer and Referral
Yoshiyuki Shoji and Katsumi Tanaka

The Babel of Software Development: Linguistic Diversity in Open Source
Bogdan Vasilescu, Alexander Serebrenik and Mark G. J. van den Brand

Using and Asking: APIs Used in the Android Market and Asked About in
David Kavaler, Daryl Posnett, Clint Gibler, Hao Chen, Premkumar Devanbu
and Vladimir Filkov

Social-Urban Neighborhood Search based on Crowd Footprints Network
Shoko Wakamiya, Ryong Lee and Kazutoshi Sumiya

A Notification-centric Mobile Interaction Survey and Framework
Jonas Elslander and Katsumi Tanaka

Social Sensing for Urban Crisis Management: The Case of Singapore Haze
Philips Kokoh Prasetyo, Ming Gao, Ee-Peng Lim and Christie Napa Scollon


Changing with Time: Modelling and Detecting User Lifecycle Periods in
Online Community Platforms
Matthew Rowe

A Novel Social Event Recommendation Method Based on Social and
Collaborative Friendships
Yu-Chun Sun and Chien Chin Chen

Factors that Influence Social Networking Service Private Information
Disclosure at Diverse Openness and Scopes
Basilisa Mvungi and Mizuho Iwaihara

An Approach to Building High-Quality Tag Hierarchies from Crowdsourced
Taxonomic Tag Pairs
Fahad Almoqhim, David E. Millard and Nigel Shadbolt

Polarity Detection of Foursquare Tips
Felipe Moraes, Marisa Vasconcelos, Patrick Prado, Daniel Dalip, Jussara
Almeida and Marcos Goncalves

Predicting Social Density in Mass Events to Prevent Crowd Disasters
Bernhard Anzengruber, Danilo Pianini, Jussi Nieminen and Alois Ferscha

Modeling Social Capital of Bureaucratic Hierarchy for Analyzing
Promotion Decisions
Jyi-Shane Liu, Zhuan-Yao Lin and Ke-Chih Ning

The estimation of aNobii users' reading diversity using book
co-ownership data: a social analytical approach
Muhchyun Tang, Yi-Ling Ke and Yi-Jin Sie

Aspects of Rumor Spreading on a Microblog Network
Sejeong Kwon, Meeyoung Cha, Kyomin Jung, Wei Chen and Yajun Wang

Traffic Condition is More than Colored Lines on a Map: Characterization
of Waze Alerts
Thiago H. Silva, Pedro Olmo Vaz de Melo, Aline Carneiro Viana, Jussara
M. Almeida, Juliana Salles and Antonio A. F. Loureiro

Why Do I Retweet It? An Information Propagation Model for Microblogs
Fabio Pezzoni, Jisun An, Andrea Passarella, Jon Crowcroft and Marco

Society as a Life Teacher ? Automatic Recognition of Instincts
Underneath Human Actions by Using Blog Corpus
Rafal Rzepka and Kenji Araki

Temporal, cultural and thematic aspects of web credibility
Radoslaw Nielek, Aleksander Wawer, Michal Jakowski-Lorek and Adam

How do Students Search during Class and Homework? A query log analysis
for academic purposes
Rafael Lopez-Garcia, Makoto P. Kato, Yoko Yamakata and Katsumi

On Constrained Adding Friends in Social Networks
Hoang Bao Thien and Abdessamad Imine


Metro: Exploring Participation in Public Events
Luca Chiarandini, Luca Maria Aiello, Neil O'Hare and Alejandro

Social Listening for Customer Acquisition
Juan Du, Biying Tan, Feida Zhu and Ee-Peng Lim

Pilot Study toward realizing Social Effect in O2O Commerce Services
Tse-Ming Tsai, Ping-Che Yang and Wen-Nan Wang

Organizing Committee:

General Co-Chairs:
- Katsumi Tanaka (Kyoto University, Japan)
- Andrew Flanagin (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA)
Program Co-Chairs:
- Ee Peng Lim (Singapore Management University, Singapore)
- Adam Jatowt (Kyoto University, Japan)
- Ying Ding (Indiana University, Bloomington, USA)
- Asako Miura (Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan)
- Keishi Tajima (Kyoto University, Japan)
Workshop/Tutorial Co-Chairs:
- Akiyo Nadamoto (Konan University, Japan)
- Jochen Leidner (Thomson Reuters, Switzerland)
Demo Co-Chairs:
- Taro Tezuka (Tsukuba University, Japan)
- Gael Dias (Normandie University, Caen, France)
Publicity Co-Chairs:
- Yoshinori Hijikata (Osaka University, Japan)
- Antoine Doucet (Normandie University, Caen, France)
- Ricardo Campos (Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, Portugal)
- Goh Hoe Lian Dion (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
- Atsuyuki Morishima (University of Tsukuba, Japan)
- Leonard Bolc (Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology, Poland)
- Chair: Kazutoshi Sumiya (University of Hyogo, Japan)
- Hiroaki Ohshima (Kyoto University, Japan)
- Daisuke Kitayama (Kogakuin University, Japan)
Web Chair:
- Makoto P. Kato (Kyoto University, Japan)
Local Arrangement Co-Chairs:
- Takehiro Yamamoto (Kyoto University, Japan)
- Toshiyuki Shimizu (Kyoto University, Japan)

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